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Hello my blog reading friends.  It’s rainy and cold here in Central Texas.  Today is a perfect day for warm food and staying inside.  Speaking of food….

When on the Carnival Breeze we chose to eat in the main dining room during the early dining times.  We enjoy eating in the main dining room for several reasons.  The food is delicious, there are plenty of options to choose from, and the staff is amazing.

On our December cruise the main dining area was so very cold.  I have always found the dining rooms to be a little cold so I wear a sweater.  I do have to say this time around it was more than a little cold…down right freezing.  Our head waiter noticed how cold my Mom was so he made sure that when we arrived for dinner every night a cup of hot water and a tea bag were in her spot.  Now that’s an amazing waiter!

The food was not a let down at all.  It always arrived hot and quickly.  My nephew wanted to try food that he never had before.  Some nights he liked it while others he did not.  On the nights when the food was just a little “too weird” he was able to order an additional item.  He never went hungry that’s for sure.

My only wish is that Carnival would have the option for carrot cake on more than the last night.  I do enjoy me some carrot cake and the Carnival carrot cake is deliciousness on a plate.

With all of the food options that Carnival has, I recommend the main dining room for dinner.  Save the Lido for lunch.

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