Drilling It

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Oh my goodness was January a rough month!  Hello February and here’s hoping for a better time.  This past week was our daughter Kelsey’s birthday so a shout out to her.

I consider the first day or embarkation day, as it is truly called, the “house keeping day.”  This day is all about getting checked in, settled into your cabin, learning your way around the ship, kid’s club meetings, and muster.  While I can say everything ran smoothly there is always the muster drill to mess it up.

It’s not the drill itself.  I think it’s extremely important to know what to do in case of emergency.  The drill itself takes less than 30 minutes but it takes an hour to get people to the drill. Carnival couldn’t make it any easier to find your muster drill station but people still insist on either not going or going to whatever place they feel like going.

On the TV in the cabin there is a channel that tells you where your muster station is.  The muster station is printed on your sail and sign card.  If you have questions on where your muster station is all you have to do is ask the numerous employees for help.  This drill is mandatory for every passenger to attend.  Again, it is mandatory.

When we cruise sometimes we go with other people.  Just because we are on the same cruise with people we know does not mean that we are in the same muster station.  It frustrates me when I see people holding up the drill for hundreds of other passengers because they either don’t want to do the drill or want to be with their friends.  This is an important part of the cruising experience and the maritime law requires it to be done.

Our last cruise was no exception than any other time we have cruised.  Those of us that follow the rules are basically punished by passengers that don’t.  If only there were some penalty for those passengers.  Something Carnival should really think about.

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