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Yep it’s true, I am a week behind on my blog posting.  It was an event filled week and a half and my brain needed a rest.  Now that my mind has rested I am ready to get back on track.

One of the things I like to do before going on our cruise is order items from the Carnival Fun Shops.  I always get a case of bottled water and then a little surprise for my husband.  I love that I can pay for these items in advance and choose which day to have them delivered to our cabin.

Now I say that I can choose what day to have them delivered but if I am being completely honest I always want my stuff right away.  I choose to have everything delivered the first day, embarkation day.

This is where I tell you how awesome the Fun Shops and the staff of Carnival are.  When we arrived at our cabin my husband removed the envelope from the mailbox that had our sail and sign cards.  He opened the door and there were the happy anniversary decorations hung up and one heck of a surprise for Scott.

The decorations are made of quality material and for the price you get a lot.  I was curious how they attached all of the decorations.  Well it turns out my friend that they use magnets.  We kept our decorations up for the whole cruise.  I loved how festive our cabin looked.

My brother did not have the same luck with the Fun Shops.  They received everything they ordered for two cabins except for backpack for their daughters.  It turns out that the ship didn’t have them on board but nobody informed my brother.  He had to go to guest services to ask why they didn’t get them and that’s when they were told.  The girls got a credit and went to Cherry On Top to pick out the items they wanted.

Carnival made things right but I do agree that something should have been said before my brother had to go to Guest Services to find out.  I recommend the Fun Shops.  They have quality items, good pries, and just a bunch of fun!

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