Embarkation Day

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It’s Monday again.  The start of a new week and back to work.  In Central Texas we usually don’t worry too much about the cold.  I have to admit the month of January has been a cold one.  We are expecting up to 2 inches of ice to develop on the roads starting tonight.  It’s times like this that I wish I was on a cruise.

On the morning of December 17, 2017 we left our room at the Candlewood in Galveston and headed to the port.  Since we began cruising we have parked our cars at EZ Cruise Parking.  I don’t see any reason to change to a different parking lot.  EZ Cruise Parking has online reservations and coupon codes you can use to save that extra money for your vacation.  It’s close to the port and convenient to exit for our trip back home after the cruise.  The staff is extremely friendly and very helpful.  Since we do not enjoy dragging our bags a couple of blocks to the port we pay the extra fee for shuttle service.  It’s worth it!

When we got off the shuttle at the port there was a luggage handler standing right there.  He put all of our suitcases on his cart and took them to the baggage area so we didn’t  have to. With just our carryon backpack and purse we followed the signs to our Faster to the Fun check in area.  Once in the terminal we headed to the podium where they checked our id and boarding pass.  From there we went through the security area and upstairs to the check in.

There was a slight sidestep.  When the lady that directs you to what check in window to use saw our boarding passes showing we were paying cash, she directed us to just skip the windows and go ahead and sit down.  Since this was not our first time I knew that we needed to go put money down to start our onboard expense account.  We went to the window anyway and got it all taken care of.  It took no time at all.  This was the first time we didn’t get handed our sail and sign cards but we knew in advance they would be waiting for us in our mailbox just outside our door.  This was also the first time for us that Faster to the Fun passengers were assigned their own waiting area.

Having the separate areas for the different types of boarding made the boarding process quite easy.  When we woke up that morning we received a message from Carnival saying that boarding would be late.  I have to tell you that was not the case.  We were in line ready to head up the gangway by 11:30 a.m.

Of all of the embarkations we have done this by far was the fastest and easiest.  The changes that Carnival has made to shorten check in have made a noticeable difference. Way to go Carnival!

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