I Could Have Starved

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Happy New Year to all and I hope 2018 is treating you well.  We had such a busy December that I decided to take a little time away.  If you have been following the blog then you are aware of our cruise on the Carnival Breeze right before Christmas.  It was so much fun having family time and adventures.

Scott and I have sailed on the Breeze previously but it was nice to see the recent renovations from the dry dock that the ship had last year.  I will take the next couple of weeks to review our time spent on our cruise vacation.

One of the things we like to do is head to Galveston the day before we cruise.  This way we don’t feel rushed to get to Galveston the morning of.  It’s a four hour drive for us but you just never know about Houston traffic.

We arrived in Galveston early afternoon and ready for some food.  Heading to Pleasure Pier and Bubba Gump restaurant.  First and foremost I would like to say that I might be known to listen to my music a little loud at times.  Like when driving or doing housework.  The music at Bubba Gump was freaking loud.  You could barely hear the people next to you.  We had to take two separate vehicles to get to Galveston so while we waited for the rest of our group, four of us went to the bar area for a drink and appetizer.  I was starving and pretty sure I would just fall over from hunger at any time.  Hey people, this is a thing.  Ten minutes after sitting in our booth we finally got someone to take our order.  Then we waited and waited and waited.  25 minutes after that we still had not received our garlic bread.  Unless they were preparing homemade dough from scratch I just don’t think it should take that long.  Our group arrived and we were seated upstairs.

I asked the waitress if the order of garlic bread could please be delivered upstairs only to find out our order was never placed.  GGrrrrrrr.  Fortunately, I was able to survive long enough for our waitress to get a new order in and our bread was there quickly. Our waitress was amazing!  We had a family of ten upstairs and this woman had to go up and down those stairs to get appetizers, drinks, and entrees.  She was upbeat and fun.  I cannot say enough about how great we were treated.  The only major regret I have is my lack of retaining people’s names.  I would love to tell you to go see what’s her name because she is the best.  The food was average but the portion sizes were big.  I think it might be awhile before I venture into Bubba Gump in Galveston.

The weather in Galveston was crazy cold and windy.  We decided to just check into our hotel room and play games for the rest of the day.  We stayed at the Candlewood Suites.  The staff was nice and the rooms were clean and comfortable.  This is the second time we stayed at the Candlewood and I am positive it won’t be our last.


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