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It’s been a long time coming but finally we leave at the end of the week for our family cruise.  Not only am I excited to spend a whole week with Scott relaxing and adventuring (yes this is now a word) but we will get to spend some fun times with family.  Family we have never vacationed with or cruised with before….how awesome is that!

I thought I would make the final pre-cruise blog touching on some previously discussed topics.  If you would like to refresh your brain on the past blogs then go ahead and reread them.

Helpful hints are just some useful cruising tips I have shared:

1. Bring a light weight jacket/sweater/hoodie.  It really is chilly in the Ovation Theater and at night on the Lido.

2. Use 3 binder clips on the bottom of the shower curtain so it won’t stick to you.

3. Keep your phone on airplane mode.  You can use the Carnival HUB App, have a clock, and an alarm clock without the roaming charges.

4. Fun Times, read them!  This has all of the basic info for the day.  The activities, let’s you know if it’s elegant night, sales & specials, and oh so much more.  Whether you choose to read the paper version or use the HUB App it is extremely useful and informational.

5. Paperwork is important.  Make sure you have printed all of your luggage tags and attached them.  Have your boarding passes and health questionnaire printed and ready to go.  Don’t forget your passports or ID’s and birth certificates.  Also make sure you have your health insurance cards for just in case.  Have cash, credit card, debit card, or gift cards ready for check-in.

6. Don’t forget to declare your purchases when arriving back at home port.  Pay your fees if you have any.  Don’t ruin your vacation by getting busted.

7. Hand sanitizer is your friend.  There are stations all over the ship for you to use.  Sickness and vacation suck so wash your hands and sanitize.

8. Muster drill or safety briefing is important and everyone must attend.

9. Watch the time while in port.  Make sure you are back in plenty of time so the ship doesn’t leave you.

10. Don’t panic if you get turned around on the ship.  Explore and learn your ship.  There are maps by every elevator.  You can also carry around a mini ship map.

11. Pack only what you need.  Over packing is easy to do but man is it a pain carrying/rolling around a bunch of heavy bags.

12. If you are cruising with Scott & I this time around, I suggest you find the location of the coin…..just saying.

I truly hope that this blog has been helpful to cruisers and it has not completely overwhelmed anyone.  If there are any questions, concerns, corrections, or clarifications anyone has please feel free to comment.  I will be back in a couple of weeks with a new blog.  Enjoy your holiday and I hope you have plenty of adventures.

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