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Hey Hey Hey it’s Monday. While Scott is in the tropical locale of Georgia, I am holding down the fort.  Work and chores for this girl is on the schedule.

This blog posting will be fairly lengthy.  I am going to be doing a step by step on the check in procedure that is done online prior to the cruise date.  My personal preference is to check in a month before our cruise.

The first step to checking in is to log into the Carnival website and go to My Cruise Manager.  On the left in a blue box is an item titled To-Do Checklist.  There are items that are remaining for you to complete.  Click On-Line Check-In.  This will take you to a screen that gives you an option of checking in all of the guests in your booking or just yourself. I will not be going thru both options.  I will be going thru the steps for all guest check in.

Before you click on Check-in for All Guests to get started, you will need some information.  Make sure you have the following information for every guest that you are checking in: address, emergency contact info, passport or proof of citizenship, credit card to put on file for on board expenses unless paying with cash, and travel info including arrival & departure times for flights.

On the General Guest Information page you will need to put general information.  Just kidding.  You will need guests names, gender, date of birth, and whether or not the guest is pregnant if a female. You will then need to add the guests permanent address.  Under Contact Information you will need a telephone number.  If your primary phone is also your cell phone make sure and click that box.  It will automatically populate the mobile number.  When the mobile number is in putted go ahead and click the box under that to get travel alerts.  This way if anything goes wrong with the ship or there are delays you will receive a text alert.  When I clicked that box during my check in I received a text immediately saying I signed up for alerts.  Next you will add an email address.  Finally on the General Guest Information page you will add an emergency contact.  This contact is somebody that is not going on the cruise with you.  Type in their name, relationship, and phone number.  Then Save & Continue.

Next on the Citizenship Information page use the drop down to state the county of your citizenship.  Click Continue.

Travel Documents you Will be Using is where you will need your passport, passport card, naturalization certificate, birth certificate or enhanced driver’s license.  Click on the box that applies.  Once you click on the box a drop down will appear where you type all of the pertinent information.  If you chose passport or passport card on the section that asks City of Issuance type US Department of State or whatever country’s department that issued.  Save & Continue.

Travel Plans asks how you are getting to the port for the cruise and how you will be leaving port after the cruise.  If you are flying then put in your flight information.  If you are driving then select using your personal vehicle.  Click Continue.  An alert will pop up asking if you would like to apply the travel information entered for all guests in the booking.  If you click yes then for every guest you check in this information will be prepopulated. A confirmation will come up, select continue if correct or edit to change.

The next guest will come up and you just repeat the previous steps in the booking.  The great part about checking in everyone in the booking at one time and if all of the information for address and phone is the same as the guest you have already checked in click the box Use Same As.  Everything will prepopulate.  Just select the next guest name and Save & Continue.

Once all of your guests have been checked in you now come to the page My Arrival Appointment Time.  You have to select a time you will be arriving at the ship to embark.  This is a staggered check in that Carnival uses so as not to have huge lines. If you have Faster to the Fun it really doesn’t matter what time you use because you have your own line for embarkation.  Click the first available time and Continue.

Stateroom Preferences is how you would like your beds setup in the cabin.  Click the box that suits you best.  Click Continue.

Welcome to On Board Expenses Setup is where you decide how you are setting up your account.  Please read the entire page as it helps answer a lot of questions you may have.  Then at the top of the page click Open New Account.

On Board Expenses gives you two choices to click.  You can choose Open with Credit/Debit Card or Open With Cash.  Click on the option you have decided to use.  There are terms and conditions that apply to both options.  Read these terms and conditions.  On the next page select a guest name and Accept Terms.

On Board Expenses then has you select what the charging privileges for each guest will be and their ability to charge items to your cabin’s account.  There is a minor’s section for parents to setup their children’s charging ability.  If you want guests from another stateroom/booking to be put on the same accounts you can do that on this page as well.  Save & Continue.

Verification page has you double check the charging privileges and make sure they are correct. Continue.

Cruise Ticket Contract is the terms and conditions of you booking.  Please read thru all of it.  There is some really great information.  Toward the bottom of the page is a statement: I, (select adult name) certify that I am an adult with full legal authority to enter this cruise ticket contract for myself and/or on behalf of the guest(s) I select below.  Click on all of the names below.  You can also select to accept for minors in another stateroom/booking.  Accept Terms.

Check-in is Complete! You can now print & save My Cruise Documents or Return to My Cruise Details.

If you choose Print My Documents select the boxes that are the documents you want printed.  I normally check all. Submit.

On the luggage tags they have one ready to print.  I print all of my documents once and then go back in and print any additional luggage tags I need.  Usually need to print two in total.  You do not have to have a color printer for your luggage tags but it does help the crew find your luggage easier.

All of the documents that you have printed are what you need to take with you on the cruise.  You will need to fill out the Public health Questionnaire for each adult and bring with you to hand over on the way to check-in.  Boarding Passes are needed for check-in and scanned to get on the ship. The Booking Summary has all the cruise details.  The invoice shows what you have paid to date for the cruise and shows if you have on board credit.  Purchased Services lists everything by guest name on what excursions and spa services have been purchased.  Please read the pages about Important Info cause it really is important.  If you paid for travel insurance there will be a page explaining that.  Luggage tags will need a guest name put on the top and bottom of each tag.  Then fold and put into the luggage tag holders.  For any Fun Shop purchases make sure and have receipts to show you paid for that.  Everything should arrive to your cabin but always have proof for just in cases.

Oh my goodness you did it!  The check-in process is complete and your cruise documents are printed.  Now if this next month can hurry up we can get ourselves on a ship.

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