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Hello my people!  I hope everyone is finding the fall weather cool and not freezing.  Our mornings have cooler down but we are in the 80’s before noon.  Our front yard is also has a lovely layer of leaves from our soon to be naked trees.

There is a tradition in ship building that as far as my research has found started in the Roman and Venetian eras.  With the initial construction of a ship a coin ceremony takes place.  At this ceremony one or two coins are placed on the keelblock.  The keelblock is the center line of the ship.  The reason for the coins is to bless the ship and as a symbol of good fortune.

On Carnival ships they have welded a box that houses a coin in an area for passengers to see that the ship has indeed been blessed and will have good fortune.  I like the idea of the coin ceremony.  I say yes to the blessing and good fortune of any new ship.  I particularly like the fact that I might someday be on that ship.  I wonder if this was also done for the building of pirate ships?  If I ever meet Jack Sparrow I will ask him.

With all of the cruise talk that we have had over the last year and a half you are probably wondering why the coin ceremony would even make it to the blog, let alone have a whole post about it.  Well I’m going to tell you why.

Since my first venture way back in 2013 researching Carnival cruises and what to expect, I have run across several discussions about finding the coin.  You see a lot of cruisers like to find the ceremonial coin on every Carnival ship.  The crazy thing is, once you find it you are not supposed to tell anyone where it is.  When Scott and I were on the Breeze last year we found it.  Yes, it took a bit of walking around but there it was in all of it’s glory.

If you will be cruising with us this coming December I think you should make a point of venturing out and finding it.  Now I’m not one to just suggest something without a motive so you should REALLY go look for it.  Get some exercise while walking the ship and have some adventure on your hunt.  I think that by the end of the week you should know where it is…wink wink.

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