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Happy day before spooky Halloween. This is the time of year I would normally be going through the kids trick or treat candy looking for tootsie rolls.  Unfortunately they are all too big now to go get Mommy some candy.

Carnival has found a new way to entertain their passengers with the interactive mystery game of Clue.  I loved playing Clue when I was a kid.  I always wanted to be Miss Scarlett because red is my color.  I have not played Clue on the ship before so I am excited to try it.  I have done quite a bit of research and found out the basics of how the game is played on board.

On the first sea day check your Fun Times or use the Carnival Hub App to find out when and where the game begins.  Some passengers have posted that it starts in the Ovation Theater while others have said the Limelight Lounge.  Members of the crew and dancers put on a show using costumes, props, videos, and performances.  This breaks down the story, the rules, and the happenings for the week.  At this introduction the suspects are named and they each give their alibis.

At the introduction you are introduced to a new character, Officer Ocean.  Officer Ocean is a detective character that helps you throughout the week while you gather clues.  You also receive your free Clue case file.  This file will give you necessary information to play.  In the original board game you received cards that show who didn’t do it, where the crime wasn’t committed, and what weapons weren’t used.

To gather these clues you will need to check your Fun Times or HUB App daily to see where to go for your clue.  There are also puzzles in the Fun Times for you to do to get more clues. On the second to last sea day you turn in your guess on who did it, where, and with what.  The reveal is done on the last morning show.  Everyone that had the correct answers gets put into a pool and one is selected as the winner.  I do not know what the prize is but heck does it matter?

As I did the research on Carnival Clue I thought, “This sounds so fun.  Why wouldn’t everyone want to do this?” I found my answer.  To gather the clues you have go to certain places on the ship during the week.  Carnival is super smart about these places.  They make passengers go to some of the talks about excursions & shopping and bingo.  While some people feel this is a turn off I think it is brilliant.  If I owned a cruise line that’s what I would do to get people to participate in everything.  For people that don’t want to listen to the talks or play bingo it’s ok.  The clues are given at the beginning so you are not forced to stay.

I personally cannot wait to try Clue.  It sounds fun and so different from everything else we have done on our Carnival cruises.  Let me know your thought s on Clue and if it something you want to try.


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