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Happy 100th blog post!  Yes I have reached the 100 milestone for my little travel blog.  It’s pretty darn exciting. This week’s blog is all about the ugly. U-G-L-Y you ain’t got no alibi. Yes, I am positive my brother just cheered his way thru that last line.  Good job Big Bro.

Cruising in the month of December on Carnival is like celebrating Christmas all month long.  I love it!  The whole ship is decorated and activities relating to Christmas fill the week.  I have touched on the holiday happenings in a previous blog post so make sure and check it out.

One of the fun contests they hold is the ugly sweater contest.  People purchase their ugly sweaters or simply make their own.  It doesn’t even have to be a sweater, you could use a sweatshirt.  You just have to make it overly festive and ugly.  Of course if you would like inspiration might I suggest Pinterest or Google. (Mom we Google around here)

There are prizes awarded to those the crowd find the ugliest.  I thought it might be fun if we joined in on the fun.  I challenge each of our family cruisers to get their ugliest sweater together.  Let’s show the crowd we know how to ugly it up!

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