So Many Doors

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Happy Columbus Day or Indigenous People Day or Monday.  I leave it up to you on how you would like to welcome in the new week.  Unlike the banks, I had to work this morning.  Good thing  I never work very hard 🙂

Before taking our first cruise I read as many articles, blogs, and message boards as I could.  I found that a common problem existed for cruisers.  Whether it was their first cruise or hundred and first finding their cabins was hard.  You see every cabin corridor looks the same.  Your Sail and Sign cards do not have your room numbers on them.  And with all of the activities and excitement of the cruise remembering your cabin number can be difficult.  It could also be a problem if you like to partake in a few too many beverages.

To help us find our cabin I started with the first cruise decorating our door and have done it every since.  All we had to do was go to the correct floor and find our decorated door.  Some doors I covered from top to bottom, others I scattered, and some I only did the center. I have enjoyed coming up with the different themes for every cruise because let’s face it, I’m crafty.

Last year Carnival stated that door decorations must be flame retardant.  I have had a hard time finding decorations and materials that state they are flame retardant.  I’m thinking most items are flame retardant but if it doesn’t say it then I don’t want to assume. I don’t want to do a bunch of work on door decor to have it taken down because it didn’t follow the guidelines.  So this year I am changing it up.  I have special ordered door signs for each cabin.  The night before the cruise I will be giving each cabin a swag bag of cruise goodies.  In the bag you will find your door sign.  When we board the ship take your sign and put it on the door.  Each sign will have a strong magnetic backing to hold it up.

You will find that this door sign will not only help you and your cabin mates find your cabin easier but it will help your fellow cruisers as well.  Every cruise we have had neighboring cabin cruisers thank us for having the decor.  They say that it helps them find their cabins. Look at us helping ourselves and other passengers.  Go team!


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