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Oh my gracious, September is rolling by faster than I can keep up with.  I have a mental list of things I want to accomplish this month and am sadly very far behind. At least I am keeping up with a few of the important things like birthdays, bathing, and blogs.

As couples go Scott and I are pretty compatible.  It’s amazing to find someone that enjoys so many of the same things you do.  It makes for a lot of adventures and happiness.  I wish I could say that we agree on everything but sadly we don’t.  He likes spam, sauerkraut, and yard work.  I do not enjoy any of those things.  The strangest difference we have is that I love dessert and he does not.  Seriously? How can you not love the sweetness of desserts? It’s mind blowing.

On a Carnival cruise you will find plenty of opportunities to feed that sweet tooth. At every meal on the Lido there is an area set up with sweet goodness.  You will find a selection of cookies, cakes, pies, and even brownies.  I must say that I have not found a dessert I haven’t liked so far.  In the main dining rooms they offer desserts at the end of each meal.  You can have more than one.  My personal favorite is when they have carrot cake.  This is usually the last night of the cruise. Like I mentioned previously, Scott is not a dessert lover but he does get the assortment of fruits and cheeses at the end of his meals in the main dining room.

On one of the sea days the Lido offers a chocolate indulgence.  There is an area setup with amazing offerings of chocolate desserts.  On our last cruise they even made mini swans out of some of the chocolate desserts.

On deck 5 Promenade you will find the Coffee Bar. Here you can have specialty coffees, teas, milkshakes, and desserts.  Items from this area are an extra charge.  You can also purchase candy and sweets at Cherry On Top.

I should probably consider going on a diet before the cruise so I can eat the sweet goodies.

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