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I would like to say that we have been using our 3 day weekend to get things done and have been completely motivated.  The sad truth is absolutely not.  It’s been awesome!

Let’s talk money.  This is a subject that I am uncomfortable discussing.  Why? Well, this is the time that I admit how much money we spend playing on our cruise vacations.  I have read plenty of posts about the “formula” that cruisers use when deciding on how much spending cash to take….$100 per person per day. That’s all well and good if you are single or have a big spending budget.  Here is my insight for spending money:

Galveston: The Saturday before the cruise we head down to Galveston and spend the night.  Scott and I like to pick a restaurant that we haven’t been to before and have a nice dinner.  For the two of us we spend $50-$60. A couple of times we went and played tourist by checking out a local sight.  We play that by ear and how the weather is.

Boarding: The first day we don’t spend any additional money on the ship.  We take that first day to explore the ship and get ourselves settled in.

Sea Days:  We budget $50 to $100 on each sea day.  Scott might have a drink or two and I will play a game of bingo.  We always make Steakhouse reservations so in our pre-cruise budget we have $70 set aside for that. We aren’t big gamblers but will stick $20 into a slot hoping to hit it big.  One cruise we played almost 3 hours with one machine and our $20.  Yes, we play the same machine together.  It’s called bonding people. LOL When we sailed the Breeze last year I purchased the bento box at the Bonsai Sushi for $10 at lunch one day. We will buy a t-shirt or teddy bear at the Groove for St. Jude for $10.  There is the Seuss at Sea for $5 per person that we do the last sea day for breakfast.  It’s not just for kids.

Port Days: For port days be budget $50 each day.  We bring a backpack with some unopened bottled water and do our excursions in the morning.  We like to be back on the ship for lunch unless our excursion comes with lunch.  Cozumel is where we buy all of our souvenirs.

We have purchased pictures while on our cruises at an additional expense but for the most part Scott is the camera man.  There are also sales that happen in the Fun Shops and we will purchase a shirt for the boys or jewelry for the girls.

I cannot tell you how much money to spend on your cruise.  I can only give you guidelines that we use.  Just remember that Carnival has so many great activities all day long that there is plenty to keep you busy.  You have already spent the money on the cruise take advantage of everything it has to offer.

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