Adults Only, Sorry Kiddos

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Welcome to another Monday and the official 111 days mark until our family cruise.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the residents of Houston and surrounding area, bad Harvey!  Living in Central Texas we have been fortunate enough to only receive 3″ of rain spread over 4 days.

Today’s blog post is for adults only.  I guess kids can read it and be jealous of the fact that they can’t participate. On deck 5 the Promenade you will find the casino.  The glorious sights and sounds of people winning money or maybe just enjoying putting money into the machines.

I invite all of the adults in our cruising group to the casino on Monday, December 18th at a time to be determined.  The time will have to be when all children are in the clubs having a blast or being taken care of because they are not allowed in the casino except to walk thru.

I will be hosting a slot pull for all the adults that wish to participate.  It will cost each adult $5 to play.  We will pick a $1 slot machine and put all of our entry money in it.  Then in an order chosen by commenting the secret phrase, we will individually go up and pull the slot five times. After each adult has pulled the slot five times we will cash out our winnings and either split it up equally to each adult that played or use the money to buy drinks and celebrate our good fortune.

Here are the rules:

  • Each paying adults pulls five times
  • No matter what you win on your slot pulls it gets put into the winning pool.  Example: If Lulu pulls the slot five times and wins $30 those winnings just get added to the pool.  If Lala pulls next and gets nothing, she is still getting a cut of Lulu’s winnings. At the end both Lulu and Lala get $15 or a tab of $30 at the bar for them to enjoy together.
  • The host is the only one that can change the order people pull. The order will be determined by the order in which the phrase, “Big money, no whammies” is typed into the comments of this post.
  • Nobody in the cruise group is obligated to participate in the slot pull. We do reserve the right to gloat about our winnings to your face.
  • All monies are due when you arrive at the slot pull to play.
  • If the group decides to use the money at the bar you may chose a non alcoholic beverage.

If you have any questions about the slot pull please do not hesitate to ask.


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