Fairbanks, Alaska

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It’s a total eclipse Monday for most of America.  Don’t look directly into the sun without your special eye wear.  Did you notice I said most of America? No eclipse in Alaska.

Here it is the first time in 100 years for America to have a total eclipse that isn’t of the heart (80’s music reference here) and we are in Fairbanks, Alaska where it’s sunshine and bright as um….day.  Since Friday early morning, 12:08 a.m., Scott and I have been together visiting Fairbanks.  It’s been nonstop fun.

All daily itineraries have been planned by a certain 8 year old, our grandson Uriah. Since he was born and raised in Fairbanks he obviously must know what the best things to do are.  Here are just a few of the places we have gone.

The city of North Pole and the Santa House. This is a fun tourist spot.  The store has unique holiday and Alaska themed items.  Outside there is a barn area where you can see reindeer. After North Pole it was off to Alaska Land.  If it’s your first time in Fairbanks and you search for Alaska Land you won’t be able to find it.  You see only residents of Fairbanks call it Alaska Land.  The name changed several years ago to Pioneer Park.

Alaska Land is free to enter and wander around the shops and park.  There is also a mini golf area.  You can golf 18 or 36 holes.  We ended up doing this on two separate days with the end result being the same, I’m a winner.     Alaska Land is a perfect tourist spot because there is a museum, train ride, shopping, playground, ducks, and a fish wearing a saddle.  You can purchase a bag of pellets for fifty cents and feed the ducks.  At that same location you can sit on a wood carved salmon that is wearing a saddle.  If you post your picture on social media you can purchase a t-shirt that says, “I rode the wild salmon.”

Fairbanks has amazing views and plenty of wildlife.  Hanging out by the river, walking the trails, and skipping rocks makes for a great time.  On the rainy cold day of our visit we went gold panning.  At the Gold Daughter’s Panning site you can pan there all day if you want for $20.  My technique wasn’t the best and I might be the slowest panner in the history of panning but I did find gold.  I took all of my massive sized flakes and purchased a locket from the Gold Daughter’s store.  They cleaned my flakes, I mean massive sized flakes, and placed them in the locket for me.

If you have children and are visiting Fairbanks, take them downtown to the Children’s Museum.  Tons of hands on activities and crafts.  I think we could have spent an entire day playing.  Samantha even learned how to play the piano there.

For our visit it was more about spending time with family than being tourists.  We had a great time and are truly sad to be saying goodbye. Tonight we leave the largest state and head home to the second largest state.  Don’t tell Texans they don’t live in the largest, they truly believe everything is bigger in Texas. LOL



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