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Well hello again on another Monday. This week is extra exciting for us because we are headed to Alaska.  It is definitely time for a mini vacation and some hugs from the grandson….and his parents too.

Most of us have heard of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.  This hospital makes it so all medically eligible patients that are accepted for treatment are treated without regard to the family’s ability to pay. Families never pay for treatments that are not covered by insurance, and families without insurance are never asked to pay. St. Jude also assists families with transportation, lodging, and meals.  At a time when families are dealing with so much, St. Jude is there to help.

Carnival has raised over $10 million to help fight childhood cancer at St. Jude.  There are several ways that Carnival makes donating to St. Jude easy for every passenger.

Online you can donate money thru Carnival at Simply put in the donation amount and add your billing information.  This is not associated with your cruise reservation or sail and sign account.

On every Carnival ship they have time set aside for an event called Groove For St. Jude.  This is a dance party held on the Lido deck.  At the dance party you can purchase t-shirts that say “Groove For St. Jude” for $10 each. This does go thru your sail and sign account.  You simply show the crew member your card and they apply it to your account. 100% of all money raised thru the sale of the t-shirts goes directly to St. Jude.

At the online Fun Shops you can pre-order cookies to be delivered to your cabin.  Four cookies for $6 or a dozen for $16.  You get your choice of chocolate chip, chocolate crunch, honey oatmeal raisin, and macadamia nut.  If you order the six cookies $1 goes to St. Jude and if you order the dozen cookies $3 goes to St. Jude.  You can also purchase the Towel Creations Book for $14.95 and $1 will go to St. Jude.

On a previous blog post I talked about Build A Bear Workshop.  If you purchase the St. Jude bear at the Build A Bear Workshop all of the money will benefit St. Jude.

Another way that Carnival helps St. Jude in their fund raising efforts if by donating left over sail and sign account money.  If at the end of the cruise you have less than $10 in your sail and sign account and have not cash out, Carnival automatically donates that money. If you have over $10 they will issue you a check.

Want to help out a wonderful charity then Carnival makes it easy.  Do you know who else makes it easy? ME! That’s right it’s contest time. The first person to not be my husband Scott and can answer a trivia question will have an order of cookies sent to your cabin.  What cookie would I order from the four available choices above?


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