Lost But Easily Found

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME! What an awesome day and month this is.

Now onto the blog.  When we went on our first cruise we decided to take a short five day on a smaller ship.  The thought process was not only so we wouldn’t have a tiny apartment filled with many people for the holidays but to check out cruising.  Plus, we wanted to get an idea if we even liked cruising and a smaller ship will be easier to maneuver around.  Everything worked out great and our cruising addiction began. Except for a missing Dad a few times. While I will admit my Dad’s disappearing act a couple of times was mostly done on purpose, a few of those times were because he was just trying to figure out where he was.

For some of you this will be your first cruise.  You get to start with a larger ship and have to learn your way around.  For the most of us we have found ourselves a little lost and trying to get entry into the wrong cabin.  It happens so expect to get turned around a few times and possibly getting lost finding your cabin.  Don’t you worry though I will not have everyone getting completely lost on my watch.  I have a few helpful hints on getting around the ship.

  1. Ship Map – There are little fold out maps you can pick up at check-in and at guest services.  We even had one in our cabin.  They fold up nicely and will fit in the lanyards that have been provided for you in your cruise bag.
  2. Deck Maps – Located throughout the ship by the elevators you will find oversized maps that show “you are here.”  You can also find a map on the back of your cabin door.
  3. HUB App – Download the HUB app on your cell phone and use the app to find maps of the ship.
  4. Crew – Ask a friendly crew member.  These people know every inch of the ship and are more than happy to help you.
  5. Placards – Just like hotels, Carnival has placards with room numbers and arrows in the hallways to help you out.
  6. Explore – The best way to learn the ship is to explore the ship.  Get those walking shoes on and be like Dora.
  7. Door Decor – With cabin decks all looking alike having your cabin door decorated makes it easy to locate.  Not only is it helpful for you and your family but trust me your neighbors will love you for it too. I will be posting a blog soon about door decorating so don’t do anything yet.  Trust me, it will be worth the wait.

I don’t want anyone to start having a panic attack now.  Adults and kids learn the ship quite easily.  If you are concerned about you and your children finding the way around, take the first day to explore together.  It will be a lot of fun and beneficial for all of you.  You can also go online to the Carnival website and get a look at the deck map ahead of the cruise.

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