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Welcome to the last day of July before the best month of the year! That’s right August is truly the best month of the year and yes it’s because it’s my birthday month.  Let the celebration begin!

Of all of the cruise forums that I read on a daily basis, it’s not as many as you are thinking right now, the major discussion is about formal night. On six or more day Carnival cruises they host two formal nights for all passengers that would like to participate.  Please note that this is not a must but an option.  If you would like to eat in the main dining rooms during formal evenings then you have to adhere to the dress code.

It’s a simple dress code. Men should wear dress slacks, dress shirts, and it is suggested a sport coat. Scott has never worn a sports coat on elegant night so we know that it is not a requirement but a suggestion.  Men can also choose to wear a suit and tie or tuxedo.
Women should wear either cocktail dresses, pantsuits, elegant skirts and blouses. Women can also wear an evening gown.  What’s not allowed, jeans, men’s sleeveless shirts, shorts, tee-shirts, sportswear, gym or basketball shorts, baseball hats, flip-flops and bathing suit attire.

You are probably wondering why there would be so many discussions on forums about a dinner.  My take is people are a bunch of crybabies and complainers.  I do understand that jeans can cost way more than a dress but that doesn’t make it elegant apparel. I am also fully aware of the fact that not everyone owns “dress up” clothes.  This is exactly why elegant nights are optional.  Please feel free to eat on deck 10 The Lido at the food areas.

During our December cruise we will experience two elegant nights.  Please check your Fun Times daily to find out when the elegant nights are.  They also have a channel on the tv where you can check the menu and attire for the evening.  It is not anybody’s responsibility but your own to know when elegant night is.  Obviously we will all keep an eye open and hopefully let the group know as we are made aware.

Scott and I like elegant nights because quite honestly there are only a few times during the year that we dress up for a nice dinner.  Plus, we look fabulous in our “dress up” attire.


  1. You forgot to put robes on the list. It simply amazes me how many people think it is ok to go the dining room in a robe with all their junk hanging out.

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