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Here’s to another Monday.  Another week on the road for Scott and a busy week for me.  This week we are celebrating Elle & Jaxson’s birthdays.  So happy birthday Elle and Jaxson.

Today we are going to talk about a new system that Carnival has started using on their ships.  This new system has caused a lot of positive and negative chatter on the cruise forums. As a matter of fact, in this house we have differing views.

Starting this month the Carnival Breeze will have a new embarkation process.  In the past when checking in at the Galveston terminal the friendly staff would set up each passengers sail and sign accounts.  They would go to a box and pull out your already printed sail and sign cards and give them to you.  You would then use your cards to board the ship and for the remainder of your cruise.  Passengers with priority status such as diamond, platinum, and faster to the fun are able to go straight to their cabins once they board.  They can drop off any carry on luggage they have, check out their rooms, sit on the balcony, or take a nap to name just a few.

Now instead of receiving your sail and sign cards at the check in area you will use your printed boarding passes to board the ship.  When your room is ready your sail and sign cards are placed in a sealed envelope and put in your mailbox outside your cabin.  If your room is not ready then you will not have the envelope and no access to your room.

The reasoning behind this new process is to speed up check in and to stop having passengers from going to their cabins. Passengers that were not priority were heading to their cabins as soon as they boarded the ships.  They would interfere with the room stewards that were trying to get all of the cabins ready.  Items were placed in cabins before room stewards get there to prep the room thus leaving the room stewards liable for items being misplaced or broken.

The negative comments on this new process is that people don’t want their cards placed outside the rooms because they could be stolen or tampered with.  So far this has not happened on any of the ships that have this policy in place. If you want to order drinks or make purchases before your cabin and cards are available to you that’s not a problem.  The staff will use your boarding pass and a picture of you will come up on their screen.  You sign for your purchase and the charge will go to your sail and sign account.

If for some reason there are charges that show up on your account go to guest services and get them removed.  Also, if your sealed envelope is missing from your mailbox, go to guest services.  They will get to the bottom of it and get you all squared away.

As with any new process I am sure there will be a learning curve.  Personally, I just want to get on the ship faster and the fun to start.  I also know that if I have a problem with my sail and sign card Carnival will make it right.  I hope that everyone will give the new process a try before making any judgments.

Less than 150 days before we set sail!

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