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I know, I know, it’s Tuesday and not Monday.  I am a day behind on the blog and with a good reason.  I simply forgot yesterday.  I decided to hangout with Scott and play Lego Batman 3 on Xbox.  My apologies to all of my readers.  I would like to promise that it won’t happen again but honestly I really enjoy the Lego games on Xbox.

The countdown to the cruise is getting smaller everyday and the excitement gets bigger.  I’m sure you have noticed the title of this posting and are pulling out phones and computers to look up the word.  Za may not be a word found in the dictionary but it is slang for pizza.  You can look that up if you want…it’s true.

The Pizzeria is located on the stern of the ship deck 10 Lido.  You can get pizza by the slice or the whole darn thing!  Each pizza is made fresh so prepare to wait for your order. The varieties of pizza are:

Margherita – pomodoro (tomato sauce), basil, and fresh buffalo mozzarella

Funghi – pomodoro (tomato sauce), mushroom, and fresh buffalo mozzarella

Proscitto – roasted garlic, rucola, and fresh buffalo mozzarella

Pepperoni – hard to figure this out but it’s a pepperoni pizza

Quattro Formaggi – roasted garlic, gorgonzola, provolone, parmesan, and fresh buffalo mozzarella

You can also get a ceasar salad.

The Pizzeria is open 24 hours on the Lido but if you want to order a pan pizza to be delivered to your room there is a charge of $5 as of today.
One thing you can’t say on a Carnival cruise is that you starved.  So go back as often as you want or as often as your parents will allow and get yourself some za.  Pizza that is.

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