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I am sorry for the delay on this week’s blog post but quite honestly yesterday just got away from me.  It’s not a very good excuse but it’s the truth.  Our home is whole again as Scott is back from traveling for a bit.

Back in the day when a family went on vacation there was no way to reach them unless you left a message with a hotel clerk.  Today’s not that way at all.  People carry cell phones and computers with them and there is always a way of communicating.  Carnival makes it so you can have the vacation you want….connected or disconnected.

Carnival offers three packages for wifi.  You can only have one device connected at a time to the plan that you choose. Scott and I like to upload pictures to Facebook so we can make all of our friends and family jealous, I mean a part of, our vacation.  We purchase the Social plan at $5 per day.  Scott usually does the uploading onto his but if there is something I want to post he simply logs out of our internet account and I log in.  So for $5 a day it’s not a bad deal.  Here are the three packages:

  • Social – $5 per day gives you access to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, and popular airline sites.  This plan does not allow access to any other sites including Snapchat, Facetime, Skype, etc.
  • Value – $16 per day does  not allow Skype calling or music streaming but does allow everything the Social plan does.  It also allows you to check email, sports, news, weather, banking, and more.
  • Premium – $25 per day gets you the fastest possible internet available and includes access to most internet sites, apps, and streaming.

We have not purchased the Value or Premium packages so I cannot give you an opinion on them.  I have read on several message boards that the speeds are slow on the Premium package.

If you are interested in purchasing one of the plans you can do so before you cruise thru the Fun Shops on the Carnival website or Manage My Booking.  You can also purchase once on board. If you purchase prior to cruising you must pay for the whole cruise duration.  If you purchase on the ship you can choose just a daily option.

Please note that you need to put your phone on airplane mode.  This makes it so you are not charged by your phone service carrier.  There are other restrictions such as Hulu and Netflix, connection to private VPN, and sites that are mature or violent content are blocked.  If you do not want to carry your phone or laptop with you on your vacation then please note that there are computer areas on board that you can use.  You still get charged 🙂

So you decide, will your vacation be plugged or unplugged.

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