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Happy Monday!  We have had a busy filled week but managed to find time to play some Batman Lego 3 on Xbox.  Yep, we call that quality time.  Any game harder than Lego and this girl is not so good or I guess you could say super bad.

We are all the way up to the letter “S”.  I don’t want anyone to panic I have plenty of ideas for the remaining weeks before the cruise. If we are going to talk the letter “s” then we have to talk about Dr. Seuss.  Carnival Cruise Line has joined with the Dr. Seuss brand to bring passengers Seuss at Sea.

Even though it is geared toward the kids Scott and I have found it to be a lot of fun for adults or adult aged people.  Scott doesn’t like being called an adult.  During the week of the cruise there are different events that are held for the Seuss lover in all of us.

There is the Seuss-A-Palooza Parade where the kids march around the ship with the Seuss characters playing instruments.  We like to sit at the Ocean Plaza on deck 5 and watch the little ones with their bells and triangles.

Dr. Seuss Bookville is a library filled with fun furniture, bright colors, and of course books.  It’s a happy place for all those young readers.  As a matter of fact I think i would love Bookville to be in our home.

Located at the Fun Shop online you can purchase Dr. Seuss items and also room decorations.  How fun would it be to have the kids walk into their cabin the first day with Seuss decorations welcoming them.  There are quite a few options available so make some time and go online to check it out.

There is one event that happens on the ships that Scott and I enjoy so much.  For the low price of $5 a person you can go to the character breakfast.  When on the ship there is usually a table setup by the Lido entrance where you can sign up for the breakfast.  We do it the first day right after we board. It is so much freaking fun!  The menu is different then anything you have eaten all week and simply delicious.  There is a big Cat in the Hat ice sculpture and fun decorations everywhere you look.  The Seuss characters go table to table taking pictures with everyone and Thing 1 & Thing 2 like to stir up a little trouble.  It’s all in good fun.  Each guest gets a passport that the characters stamp as a souvenir.  I highly recommend going to the breakfast.  As a matter of fact, we will be attending this event again in December.

Just when you thought a cruise sounded like so much fun and no vacation could get any better, here comes Dr. Seuss.  If you have kids then you definitely don’t want them to miss a moment of the fun.

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