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Howdy y’all on a beautiful Monday.  I’m in my country mode because I am hard at work making items for DJ and Matti’s wedding.  Now they didn’t call it that but I’m the Mother of the groom so I can call it whatever I want.  Look at me practicing for my future Monster-In-Law role.

We have discussed on previous blog posts some of the refreshment packages you can purchase.  First being the Cheers package for alcoholic beverages and second the Bubbles package for soda/pop.  I refer you back to those posts for more information.

Carnival has several bar areas spread throughout the ship for you to make drink purchases.  You can also order drinks during dinner in the dining rooms and at the various shows that are performed on board.

We found it interesting that on the Breeze not only is there a wine bar in the library but also a beer station.  The beer station is like a vending machine.  You swipe your sail and sign card and choose from the menu on what beer you would like.  Out comes the beer and off to drink it you are. (I had a Yoda moment). This station is located on deck 10 Lido  by the Tides Pool.

The Ocean Plaza on deck 5 Lanai has a coffee/dessert/ice cream shop.  any purchases made in this area are an extra charge put on your sail and sign account.  Carnival does have a coffee club punch card.  After you purchase 5 coffees you get a free one.

Don’t forget if you are wanting beverages delivered to your cabin you can go online to the Fun Shop and place an order.  We always order the case of water for $3.99 and it usually arrives the evening of our 1st day.

If you aren’t much of an alcohol, foofoo coffee, or milkshake drinker don’t worry.  Carnival gives every guest free iced tea (it is unsweet), lemonade, hot tea, coffee, juices, and milk,  Scott likes to dilute his lemonade 1/2 water 1/2 ade.

For all those that enjoy fun cups Carnival has a wide variety of souvenir cups.  We have fish shaped cups, monkey, disco ball, funnel, parrot and tiki.  There are also shot glasses you can get.  Now that I have listed them all I realize that we might not need anymore of these souvenir cups.  Who am I kidding?  We will get whatever new shape there is.


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  1. I don’t dilute the lemonade with water. I find that the tea has a funny after taste and the lemonade is extremely sour. I mix the tea and lemonade ~50/50 and it takes care of both issues.

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