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It’s Monday! I know that the best part of your Monday is waiting to read the blog post every week.  No worries my people, I aim to please so here we go.

First, I would like to put a disclaimer to this post.  It is not intended to point fingers at my big brother…sorta.

So you think you are a know it all. If you are that person that has a plethora of useless, I mean, important facts that are all crammed into your brain waiting for the world to know. Then you should try your hand at trivia.

Every day somewhere on the ship there is a trivia contest. These contests are not a get up on stage and have a Jeopardy style showdown.  You simply check your Fun Times to find out where the trivia games will be held for the day and what the topics will be.  Go to the designated spot and grab a pencil and piece of paper and take a seat.  We found that a majority of the trivia contests were in the Ocean Plaza on deck 5 of the Breeze.

The trivia contests range in topics from music, science, literature, sports, etc.  These contests are all based on the honor system.  While most people are honorable and say correctly how many they got right.  There are others that must win at all costs.  They “stretch” the truth on their correctness.  You can choose to make a big deal out of it or just enjoy the trivia fun.

What do you win? Well a gold plastic ship on a stick.  who wouldn’t want this amazing prize? Scott and I have participated in a couple of the trivia games.  There was one on the solar system that we got smoked!  Turns out not everything you learn in junior high is saved in the memory bank, unless you are my brother.

Now don’t give up on us because when we did movie trivia we were awesome. We missed two answers but still lost.  Now I’m not saying the people that only missed one answer and stole, I mean won, the ship on the stick lied but….they did. When shouting the answers out the winning team were wrong on several answers.  But when all the players were asked to raise their hands on how many they got right, amazingly the bad people had only missed one.  Oops, I mean the trivia savvy people only missed one.  I know I sound bitter but I just don’t like cheaters.  I just don’t understand the need to lie about such trivial things.  Did you see what I did there? Hahaha I crack myself up. It all worked out in the end because Scott and I had a great time playing together and had many high five moments.

Okay back to business.  If you’re looking for some quick fun and want to show off your knowledge then go check out the trivia contests.  If you do win a ship on the stick I will buy you a drink or dessert to celebrate.

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