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Hello April! Yep it’s April already. The weather in Texas has been raining and then hot.  We aren’t complaining because we know some of you have been getting snow.  I mean seriously Colorado, it’s Spring, enough with the snow!

Today’s blog posting is brought to you by the letter “O”.  Ovation Theater is the topic and good times to be had there is the name of the game.

The Ovation Theater is located on decks 3, 4 and 5.  That’s right, it needs three decks to be able to hold all of the fun.  Some passengers will find the muster drill (see previous blog post on this topic) will bring them into the theater for the first time.

There are so many activities and shows that happen in the Ovation Theater that you will need to check your Fun Times to keep up with it all.  In the mornings on sea days there is a morning show that the cruise director holds.  During the morning show the cruise director entertains the crowd with stories, introduces special guests that work on the ship, and gives a run down of the happenings around the ship for that day.  A few times the cruise director even gave prizes.

There is an informative event discussing ports of calls and shore excursions that is held in the Ovation Theater.  If this is your first time cruising and you have not been keeping up with all the important information that I share in this blog, then it would be worthwhile to attend this discussion.  There are also prizes given away at this event.

BINGO! Bingo is also held in the Ovation Theater during the week.  Now we all know how much I love a game of bingo.  My goal is to actually win once playing.  So far the only thing I have won at are the little pull tab games they sell during the bingo times.  Oh the sadness! Allen and Keegan have not only won at bingo on their own but also split the pot on another game.  Needless to say the crowd did not care for them very much.  hahaaha  If you win a game of bingo then they apply your winnings to your sail and sign account.

The Playlist Productions performs during the week in the Ovation Theater.  There are song and dance routines.  Overall we have enjoyed the shows that are performed.  I must confess the last cruise we took there was one show that involved a lot of glitter and was….interesting.

I don’t want to give away all of the fun shows that they hold in the theater but man oh man there is something going on there every day and night. For those of you that like to have a beverage while being entertained don’t fret the wait staff is there going thru the aisles getting orders and bringing them to you.

I would like to take a moment to talk about seat saving.  It happens every time we cruise.  There is a large group traveling together and they all want to sit together.  But the group is out having fun on the ship and doesn’t want to go to the theater early to make sure they have seats together.  So what do they do?  Well they pick one member of the group to punish and have them sit in the theater saving rows of seats.  Sorry my people this is not allowed.  You want to sit in a group then go as a group.  There have been raised voices and people coming close to throwing punches over saved seats. The worst is when someone saves 15 seats and then only 5 people from their group show up and the rest have decided not to go to the show.  That gets tempers flared up.  So don’t be a seat saver for a large group.

Let’s all give the Ovation Theater a round of applause for all of the wonderful and entertaining moments that it houses for the guests all week long.

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