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Hello!  I hope everyone has adjusted to daylight savings time and the loss of our precious hour.  I do like the evenings having more sun but getting to the office in the morning when it’s still dark does not make me a happy girl. Ok let’s be real, I’m always happy 🙂

I know that a few of my blog followers are asking “Why would I care about the letter L when it’s about a library.”  It’s not just a library. Oh no, it’s more. No worries Hayden, Zach, and Ry you can still get books.

The library is located on deck four The Mezzanine.  In fact it’s not just one room.  It is split into two separate rooms across the hall from each other.  In the library you can borrow books based on the honor system.  Take a book and bring it back after you are done.  If you want to sit in the library and read with some piece and quiet there are some very comfortable chairs for you.

So far you are sitting there reading this thinking “Yep it sure sounds like a library.” Read on… Another great option in this library is the ability to borrow a game.  There are several board games for all ages that you can play in the library or take them but remember to bring them back.  DJ I don’t think you will find Cards Against Humanity so feel free to bring that game on board yourself. Scott and I saw several families with board games on tables all over the ship.  They were enjoying some quality time with the family on a peaceful sea day.

In the room across from the board games and books there is another library area with books and a wine bar. Yes, Matti a wine bar.  There is a vending machine where you can slide your sail and sign card and it will dispense a glass of wine for you. You do need to be 21 years old or over to partake in the wine.  The wines are dispensed in two, four, and six-ounce pours. They range in price from $2.25 for a generous tasting of Vouvray, to $15 for a full glass of Barolo. Did that sound like I know my wine or what?  Honestly, I know there was red and white wine that could be dispensed.

No need to pack a bunch of books.  Just go on down to the library and borrow one from Carnival.  Board games too bulky to pack, leave them home.  Carnival has got you covered. Need to get away from it all with some wine, comfy chair, and some quiet the library is waiting for you. If you just want to go where Allen can’t find you, yep, head down to the library. Just kidding son….or am I?



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