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One of my favorite parts of cruising is not having to cook or clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I would also like to mention that there is no grocery shopping involved. Just thinking of having someone shopping, cooking, and cleaning for me makes me wish I could cruise more often.

On embarkation Scott and I like to look over the side and watch all of the forklifts bringing all of the supplies onto the ship for the next seven days.  It is absolutely amazing the volume of food and drink that gets brought on the ship.  Now this might prove how easily entertained we are but we are ok with that.

On the Carnival Magic and Freedom Scott and I took tours of the galley areas. The kitchens were absolutely amazing.  The amount of food that gets prepared everyday is mind boggling. The cleanliness makes me realize that I have some cleaning to do when I get home.  This galley makes food for both dining rooms, room service, the staff, and the specialty areas of the ship.  This galley is running 24 hours a day.

We watched the kitchen staff prepare hundreds of orders all at one time.  The waitstaff carrying massive trays from the galleys all the way up to the dining room areas.  I have no idea how they manage the trays, walking, and avoiding running into other staff members all at the same time.  Me personally, I can’t even text and walk at the same time let alone do both while carrying a drink.

The tour of the galley that we took was part of the Chef’s Table excursion. Scott and I paid $75 per person extra to do the Chef’s Table.  This was a two hour event that is limited to fourteen guests.  The dress attire was that of casual dressy.  No open toe shoes are allowed.

During the evening the guests are treated to a tour of the galley.  The chef explains the number of staff working and what they are in charge of.  You are treated to champagne and wine.  If you don’t drink you can ask for iced tea or water.  The menu has eight courses.  We really enjoyed the experience of the Chef’s Table.  The food was new and different.  If you are a foodie and willing to try just about anything than this is the ship excursion for you.  If you do not have an adventurous palette then I would suggest you not waste your money.

If you are interested in doing the Chef’s Table you can go online to http://www.carnival.com and go to specialty dining reservations.

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