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N- Nine

Well hello Monday!  I hope everyone had a great weekend and plenty of fun was had. I can’t believe we are already on the last week of March.  This year is really cruising by.  Let’s get this blog started…

Located on decks 12 and 14 is the Cloud Nine Spa.  It is a beautifully decorate and inviting area.  I found it to be extremely clean and very busy when we took a tour.  Feeling the need to pamper yourself on your relaxing vacation? Head on up to Cloud Nine.  There are plenty of ways to get pampered for both men and women.

If you would like to take a tour of the spa area that’s not a problem.  As a matter of fact, keep and eye on your Fun Times because there is a time during the cruise when you can take a tour of the spa and get signed up for a raffle for a chance to win $500 in spa credit.  If you partake in this and happen to win don’t forget how much you love Gina 🙂

Every day the housekeeping staff puts spa advertisements in the cabin.  These advertisements are for daily specials and seminars.  A few of the seminars that are offered are on improving walking, detox for health and wellness, increasing metabolism, and secrets to flatten your stomach.  Now I’m not saying you need to flatten your stomach, I am just letting you know that this seminar is offered.

Here is a list of just a few of the pampering services that the Cloud Nine Spa has to offer:

  • Massages
  • Body Exfoliation
  • Scalp Massage
  • Facials
  • Pedicures
  • Manicures
  • Shaving
  • Hair  cuts
  • Baby Doll Lashes
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Collagen Facials

Now this is just a sampling of the services. If you want to make an appointment for the spa you can go up to deck 12 and the friendly front desk staff will be more than happy to assist you or you can dial 1199 from your cabin phone and get that scheduled.  Please note that if you are going to cancel on a scheduled service you need to give 24 hours notice.  If you do not than 50% of whatever the service price is will be charged to your sail and sign account.

I know not everyone is into the whole spa treatments but for those of you that are you will find that the prices are comparable to those on land.  Keep a watch out for those spa specials because there are some great deals.  I personally have not had a spa treatment but Kelsey has.  She had a massage done and said it was awesome.  Maybe this cruise I will go ahead and do a treatment. I do like to be pampered.

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M – Muster Drill

Welcome to Spring and Jen’s birthday!  Happy birthday to you Jen.  Scott is off to the exciting state of Alabama….roll tide. I can’t believe we are already to the letter M. This year is flying by so fast.

SOLAS (Safety of Life at Sea) guidelines state that passengers must have a safety briefing immediately before or after sailing.  Passengers learn to use their life jackets and what actions to take in case of emergency. During the safety briefing or muster drill EVERY passenger no matter age must attend.  The Carnival staff will actually go room to room to make sure everyone attends.  And yes, attendance is taken.

When we took our very first cruise on the Carnival triumph the muster drill was held outside on the decks.  On the Carnival Breeze the drill is inside at various spots on the ship.  Carnival assigns passengers to their muster stations based on where their rooms are located.  Even if you are traveling with a group doesn’t mean you have the same station area. Carnival makes it easy to know where you need to go.  On your sail and sign card in the bottom left corner is a letter.  That letter designates your station.  You can also find the location of your station on the back of your cabin door.  If you still aren’t sure just ask a staff member and they will direct you.

All children 11 years old and younger have to wear wristbands during the entire cruise.  This wrist bands let the staff know which muster station the child and their family is assigned to. If your child is at one of the awesome kid clubs during an actual emergency and must go to their muster station, the staff will take them to the correct station and meet up with the parents/guardians.

When we were on the Carnival Breeze in December of 2016 our muster station was located at the Ovation Theater.  The carnival staff member located at the entrance told us where to sit and scanned our sail and sign cards to show that we did attend.  The briefing was less than an hour.  Was it exciting and the most fun a passenger could stand? No, but it is necessary. The longer it takes everyone to get to the drill the longer everyone has to sit around waiting for the drill to start. Don’t be one of those passengers that think they are too good for the drill and try to hide.  You will be found and every other passenger on the ship will hate you for wasting valuable vacation time.

As a side note, there are no alcoholic drinks allowed during the drill.  Save your drinking for after.  It’s not that big of a deal.  Causing a scene because the staff has taken  your drink while entertaining for us at first just becomes a nuisance.

The muster drill is all about how to use your life jackets and everything to do during an emergency.  Kinda like if Titanic is going to happen here’s what you should do.  You will find all of the life jackets for your family located in the closet in your cabin.  You do not need to bring your life jackets to the drill.  Just know where they are located and make sure that your children do as well.

The best part of the muster drill is that once it is over the ship will be leaving the Port of Galveston shortly.  Then it’s off to fun and sun.

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L – Library

Hello!  I hope everyone has adjusted to daylight savings time and the loss of our precious hour.  I do like the evenings having more sun but getting to the office in the morning when it’s still dark does not make me a happy girl. Ok let’s be real, I’m always happy 🙂

I know that a few of my blog followers are asking “Why would I care about the letter L when it’s about a library.”  It’s not just a library. Oh no, it’s more. No worries Hayden, Zach, and Ry you can still get books.

The library is located on deck four The Mezzanine.  In fact it’s not just one room.  It is split into two separate rooms across the hall from each other.  In the library you can borrow books based on the honor system.  Take a book and bring it back after you are done.  If you want to sit in the library and read with some piece and quiet there are some very comfortable chairs for you.

So far you are sitting there reading this thinking “Yep it sure sounds like a library.” Read on… Another great option in this library is the ability to borrow a game.  There are several board games for all ages that you can play in the library or take them but remember to bring them back.  DJ I don’t think you will find Cards Against Humanity so feel free to bring that game on board yourself. Scott and I saw several families with board games on tables all over the ship.  They were enjoying some quality time with the family on a peaceful sea day.

In the room across from the board games and books there is another library area with books and a wine bar. Yes, Matti a wine bar.  There is a vending machine where you can slide your sail and sign card and it will dispense a glass of wine for you. You do need to be 21 years old or over to partake in the wine.  The wines are dispensed in two, four, and six-ounce pours. They range in price from $2.25 for a generous tasting of Vouvray, to $15 for a full glass of Barolo. Did that sound like I know my wine or what?  Honestly, I know there was red and white wine that could be dispensed.

No need to pack a bunch of books.  Just go on down to the library and borrow one from Carnival.  Board games too bulky to pack, leave them home.  Carnival has got you covered. Need to get away from it all with some wine, comfy chair, and some quiet the library is waiting for you. If you just want to go where Allen can’t find you, yep, head down to the library. Just kidding son….or am I?



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K – Kitchen

One of my favorite parts of cruising is not having to cook or clean up the kitchen afterwards.  I would also like to mention that there is no grocery shopping involved. Just thinking of having someone shopping, cooking, and cleaning for me makes me wish I could cruise more often.

On embarkation Scott and I like to look over the side and watch all of the forklifts bringing all of the supplies onto the ship for the next seven days.  It is absolutely amazing the volume of food and drink that gets brought on the ship.  Now this might prove how easily entertained we are but we are ok with that.

On the Carnival Magic and Freedom Scott and I took tours of the galley areas. The kitchens were absolutely amazing.  The amount of food that gets prepared everyday is mind boggling. The cleanliness makes me realize that I have some cleaning to do when I get home.  This galley makes food for both dining rooms, room service, the staff, and the specialty areas of the ship.  This galley is running 24 hours a day.

We watched the kitchen staff prepare hundreds of orders all at one time.  The waitstaff carrying massive trays from the galleys all the way up to the dining room areas.  I have no idea how they manage the trays, walking, and avoiding running into other staff members all at the same time.  Me personally, I can’t even text and walk at the same time let alone do both while carrying a drink.

The tour of the galley that we took was part of the Chef’s Table excursion. Scott and I paid $75 per person extra to do the Chef’s Table.  This was a two hour event that is limited to fourteen guests.  The dress attire was that of casual dressy.  No open toe shoes are allowed.

During the evening the guests are treated to a tour of the galley.  The chef explains the number of staff working and what they are in charge of.  You are treated to champagne and wine.  If you don’t drink you can ask for iced tea or water.  The menu has eight courses.  We really enjoyed the experience of the Chef’s Table.  The food was new and different.  If you are a foodie and willing to try just about anything than this is the ship excursion for you.  If you do not have an adventurous palette then I would suggest you not waste your money.

If you are interested in doing the Chef’s Table you can go online to and go to specialty dining reservations.

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