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Happy President’s day! I will be celebrating this day by a little work in the morning and play with Elle in the afternoon.  Scott is traveling again for work and by the time he gets back we will be ready for the next floor installation in the house.  Yep it’s business as usual for us.

Today we will be learning about something that I often find asked about on the message boards for Carnival, laundry.  It appears that people enjoy doing laundry while on vacation.  A couple of the benefits of this are being able to pack fewer items and not bringing dirty clothes home with you. I personally find laundry as a chore and I do not want to do chores while vacationing.  Of course, I do not travel with little kids anymore so I guess I might do laundry on the ship if this were the case.

Carnival has recognized the need for laundry facilities so they offer two services.  Sail and sign operated machines and valet service.

If you wish to do your own laundry you can find facilities located on decks 2 (across from room 2375), 7 (across from room 7347), and 10 (across from room 10264).  Each laundry room has 2-3 washers and 2-3 dryers.  The cost of the machines is $3.25 per washer or dryer load.  You do not need quarters because you just swipe your sail and sign card. If you need detergent you can purchase it for $1.50 a single load box.  The laundry facilities are open from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight) every day.  As a side note, if the ship is in port washers cannot be used due to environmental issues. You can still use the dryers though.

Now for those of you that are adding up in your head the cost and time of doing your own laundry, you might want to use the valet service.  In the top drawer of the cabinetry in your cabin you will find a bag and order form for valet.  They do charge per item but pick up your bag from your cabin and do a wash and fold on the clothes.  If anyone is interested in the price of having valet service just message me.  I have a form but it is rather lengthy to type it in this blog post.

Carnival also understand the need that people have for nicely pressed clothes.  While they do not allow I-Rons and steamers to be brought on board, they do offer I-Ron stations.  Located on decks 1 (across from room 1423), 6 (across from room 6360), 8 (across from 8395), and 9 (across from room 9403).

When Scott and I went to visit the location on deck 6 he showed me crazy contraptions called I-Rons and surfboards attached to the wall.  He then used one of the two I-Rons to press his dress shirt and pants for formal night.  The use of this room was free.

Now if you don’t know me very well you might not know that Gina does not iron.  As a running joke in our house I call them I-Rons and surfboards.  The good news is that Scott uses them so we actually own them.


  1. I read more than a few people upset about the Valet service taking a couple of days to return the laundry. Not sure if that is ops normal or just some exceptions. How long did they keep Kelsey’s stuff when she used the service?

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