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Welcome to Monday.  We have been busy as always working away on house projects.  Floor trim is being installed and as far as I can tell this is definitely not one of Scott’s favorite activities.  He has also started refinishing the kitchen cabinets.  I am in charge of clean up and man is there a lot of it.

Let’s talk about one of our pots of call.  On December 21st we will dock in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan Honduras.  This is the largest of the Bay Islands and it sits on an exposed coral reef. The port is owned by the Carnival Corporation.  Once off the ship there is a nice little walk to the shopping area where we will meet up for our excursions.  The weather in Mahogany Bay averages between 80-85 degrees.  Oh man I do like the sound of that.

If you are interested in picture opportunities there is a large colorful sign welcoming you to the island.  When we were there in October of 2015 there were birds and lizards around the sign.

With any of the ports that we will be docking at you can decide to do what ever you want.  There are several excursions for this port.I do have to say that one of our favorite excursions that we have done has been in Mahogany Bay.  We did the Pirates, Birds & Monkeys of the Caribbean.  It was $49.99 per person and so much fun.  We could have skipped the pirates portion of this excursion because it was not very interesting in my opinion and lasted far too long.  Gumbalimba Park was beautiful.  The capuchin monkeys were AWESOME! also the lizards were cool as heck.  The park also offers a beach area and zip lining.

This will be our last port of call before we head back to Galveston. Now I do not want to talk about the end of the cruise now because we haven’t even gone on it yet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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