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On Saturday, December 16th there will be a family meet up in Galveston, Texas.  Some family members will be flying while others will be driving.  Of course not everyone has decided how they are getting to Galveston yet but there is still plenty of time to figure it out.  I will get the schedules together for pick up as needed and make sure we all end up in Galveston ready for hugs and vacation shenanigans.

Scott and I enjoy going to Galveston the day before we set sail on our cruises for many reasons.

  1. An extra day of vacation
  2. We like to check out the area attractions
  3. Eating at local restaurants
  4. No rush getting to Galveston in time to make the cruise
  5. Traffic in Houston is not our friend so we get thru it early in the day
  6. We are ready to get to the port early because we have Faster to the Fun!

If you will be departing Central Texas with us on a convoy to Galveston, please make note that we will be leaving around 8:00 a.m…..maybe 9:00 a.m. Another item of note for those leaving out of Central Texas, we like to stop.  That’s right we stop for bathroom breaks, snacks that must be eaten, roadside attractions, and of course Bucee’s.

Once we have picked up our passengers at the airport in Houston we will finish the journey to Galveston.  Once in Galveston we will get our rooms or house and then go see the sights.  I would like to say we would go enjoy the beach but honestly, Galveston is not very warm in December.

A few of the area attractions are:

  • Moody Gardens – this place is so cool.  They have pyramid buildings with aquarium and rain forest attractions.  Last year they had the Festival of Lights which was fun.  We have found that using Groupon for tickets is the most cost effective.
  • Pleasure Pier – There is an outside amusement park on the pier.
  • Ferry ride – This is a free ride on the ferry but not much to see in December 😦
  • Bike rentals – you can rent bicycles and ride around Galveston
  • Railroad Museum – This museum has something for every age group and the tickets are nicely priced from free to $10 depending on age. (Wyatt would be free)

As we get closer to the trip I will have the sleeping arrangements in place and an itinerary.  No worries, I will of course be asking everyone for their inputs.

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