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J – Jingle Bells

Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way.  Oh what fun it is to cruise with Gina during the holidays.  Ok, so I’m not a song writer and should probably just stick to my blogging skills.  But admit it, you sang the first two lines of this posting.

If you haven’t guessed what we will be talking about today you might be sleeping while reading.  As a celebrator of Christmas and basically all holidays, one of the best parts of cruising in December with Carnival are all of the decorations and holiday happenings.  The ship is “decked” out with decorations, Christmas music, and all sorts of fun events.

If you do not enjoy the holidays and all that goes into them you have a couple of choices: don’t cruise during the month of December or accept the fact that others enjoy this time of year.  Don’t be a grinch.

When you first board the Breeze you will find the atrium has a large beautifully decorated tree and the decorations are plentiful.  There is also a mailbox for children to write their letters for Santa.  The cruise director does read aloud some of the letters during the week so we can all hear what the little cuties are asking for.

Besides decorations all over the ship, you will hear Christmas music being played.  There was a wonderful trio that played their stringed instruments at various locations on the ship.  I sure hope they will be there this December because I truly enjoyed their performances.  the name of the trio was Polaris Trio.  Loved them!

There are special events that happen all week.  There is a tree lighting ceremony in the atrium.  During this ceremony the Fun Squad handed out jingle bells and Santa hats to all the kids. Now when Scott and I cruised in December of 2014 the nice people on the Magic gave me jingle bells.  I brought those bells home and Scott placed them on Junior so he could be festive too. (He might or might not have enjoyed the bells) This is also the time when Santa arrives on the ship.  The kids and adults get to have their pictures taken with Santa and sit on his lap.  The pictures can be purchased at the Pixels Gallery.

There is an ugly sweater contest where some good prizes are won.  I think it would be fun if we consider taking part in this.  Maybe as a group or just individually.  Think about it and let me know what you guys want to do.  I’m sure with as creative as our group is we can come up with some great ugly sweaters.

There is also a Christmas show with the kids.  During the week the children that go to the Carnival clubs will learn songs and dances taught by the Playlist Production Dance Crew.  Then one night in the Ovation Theater the children perform.  The cruise director also reads a story and the kids get presents.  It’s really cute and the kids seem to enjoy it.  Not to mention the parents that are just giddy taking pictures.

If your are Jewish no worries, Carnival also has the lighting of the menorah.

I can’t wait until December. A cruise, family, and holiday happenings.  Holy moly I’m excited!


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I=I Ron

Happy President’s day! I will be celebrating this day by a little work in the morning and play with Elle in the afternoon.  Scott is traveling again for work and by the time he gets back we will be ready for the next floor installation in the house.  Yep it’s business as usual for us.

Today we will be learning about something that I often find asked about on the message boards for Carnival, laundry.  It appears that people enjoy doing laundry while on vacation.  A couple of the benefits of this are being able to pack fewer items and not bringing dirty clothes home with you. I personally find laundry as a chore and I do not want to do chores while vacationing.  Of course, I do not travel with little kids anymore so I guess I might do laundry on the ship if this were the case.

Carnival has recognized the need for laundry facilities so they offer two services.  Sail and sign operated machines and valet service.

If you wish to do your own laundry you can find facilities located on decks 2 (across from room 2375), 7 (across from room 7347), and 10 (across from room 10264).  Each laundry room has 2-3 washers and 2-3 dryers.  The cost of the machines is $3.25 per washer or dryer load.  You do not need quarters because you just swipe your sail and sign card. If you need detergent you can purchase it for $1.50 a single load box.  The laundry facilities are open from 6:30 a.m. to 12:00 a.m. (midnight) every day.  As a side note, if the ship is in port washers cannot be used due to environmental issues. You can still use the dryers though.

Now for those of you that are adding up in your head the cost and time of doing your own laundry, you might want to use the valet service.  In the top drawer of the cabinetry in your cabin you will find a bag and order form for valet.  They do charge per item but pick up your bag from your cabin and do a wash and fold on the clothes.  If anyone is interested in the price of having valet service just message me.  I have a form but it is rather lengthy to type it in this blog post.

Carnival also understand the need that people have for nicely pressed clothes.  While they do not allow I-Rons and steamers to be brought on board, they do offer I-Ron stations.  Located on decks 1 (across from room 1423), 6 (across from room 6360), 8 (across from 8395), and 9 (across from room 9403).

When Scott and I went to visit the location on deck 6 he showed me crazy contraptions called I-Rons and surfboards attached to the wall.  He then used one of the two I-Rons to press his dress shirt and pants for formal night.  The use of this room was free.

Now if you don’t know me very well you might not know that Gina does not iron.  As a running joke in our house I call them I-Rons and surfboards.  The good news is that Scott uses them so we actually own them.

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H – Honduras

Welcome to Monday.  We have been busy as always working away on house projects.  Floor trim is being installed and as far as I can tell this is definitely not one of Scott’s favorite activities.  He has also started refinishing the kitchen cabinets.  I am in charge of clean up and man is there a lot of it.

Let’s talk about one of our pots of call.  On December 21st we will dock in Mahogany Bay, Isla Roatan Honduras.  This is the largest of the Bay Islands and it sits on an exposed coral reef. The port is owned by the Carnival Corporation.  Once off the ship there is a nice little walk to the shopping area where we will meet up for our excursions.  The weather in Mahogany Bay averages between 80-85 degrees.  Oh man I do like the sound of that.

If you are interested in picture opportunities there is a large colorful sign welcoming you to the island.  When we were there in October of 2015 there were birds and lizards around the sign.

With any of the ports that we will be docking at you can decide to do what ever you want.  There are several excursions for this port.I do have to say that one of our favorite excursions that we have done has been in Mahogany Bay.  We did the Pirates, Birds & Monkeys of the Caribbean.  It was $49.99 per person and so much fun.  We could have skipped the pirates portion of this excursion because it was not very interesting in my opinion and lasted far too long.  Gumbalimba Park was beautiful.  The capuchin monkeys were AWESOME! also the lizards were cool as heck.  The park also offers a beach area and zip lining.

This will be our last port of call before we head back to Galveston. Now I do not want to talk about the end of the cruise now because we haven’t even gone on it yet.

I hope everyone has a wonderful Valentine’s Day.

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G – Galveston

On Saturday, December 16th there will be a family meet up in Galveston, Texas.  Some family members will be flying while others will be driving.  Of course not everyone has decided how they are getting to Galveston yet but there is still plenty of time to figure it out.  I will get the schedules together for pick up as needed and make sure we all end up in Galveston ready for hugs and vacation shenanigans.

Scott and I enjoy going to Galveston the day before we set sail on our cruises for many reasons.

  1. An extra day of vacation
  2. We like to check out the area attractions
  3. Eating at local restaurants
  4. No rush getting to Galveston in time to make the cruise
  5. Traffic in Houston is not our friend so we get thru it early in the day
  6. We are ready to get to the port early because we have Faster to the Fun!

If you will be departing Central Texas with us on a convoy to Galveston, please make note that we will be leaving around 8:00 a.m…..maybe 9:00 a.m. Another item of note for those leaving out of Central Texas, we like to stop.  That’s right we stop for bathroom breaks, snacks that must be eaten, roadside attractions, and of course Bucee’s.

Once we have picked up our passengers at the airport in Houston we will finish the journey to Galveston.  Once in Galveston we will get our rooms or house and then go see the sights.  I would like to say we would go enjoy the beach but honestly, Galveston is not very warm in December.

A few of the area attractions are:

  • Moody Gardens – this place is so cool.  They have pyramid buildings with aquarium and rain forest attractions.  Last year they had the Festival of Lights which was fun.  We have found that using Groupon for tickets is the most cost effective.
  • Pleasure Pier – There is an outside amusement park on the pier.
  • Ferry ride – This is a free ride on the ferry but not much to see in December 😦
  • Bike rentals – you can rent bicycles and ride around Galveston
  • Railroad Museum – This museum has something for every age group and the tickets are nicely priced from free to $10 depending on age. (Wyatt would be free)

As we get closer to the trip I will have the sleeping arrangements in place and an itinerary.  No worries, I will of course be asking everyone for their inputs.

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