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Today I will be writing about fog and bad weather.  Nothing messes with a cruise more than weather. We have felt the affects of bad weather on cruises.  High winds and a tropical storm that we out ran.  The ship was a swaying and motion sickness did happen for a lot of passengers including myself.

Over the last six weeks I have been reading posting after posting on the Facebook cruise groups I am a member of all about the fog in Galveston.  When the fog rolls in there is absolutely nothing the ships can do to either pull into port or out of port.  One weekend Carnival had three cruise ships all stuck in the Gulf of Mexico. So what happens to the passengers both on the ships and the ones at port waiting to embark?

The simple answer is that they wait for the fog to dissipate so the ships can move.  The more difficult answer is how long does it take and what happens when it takes more then just a few hours.  If the fog lifts in a couple of hours it’s not really a big deal except for passengers that have to catch flights in Houston.  There of course will be the passengers whose whole lives have been interrupted due to the few hours of inconvenience and it is all Carnival’s fault. Let me get this out of the way right now, Carnival does not control the weather and also does not control their ability to get in and out of ports.

The fog in Galveston was so bad that the three ships that were all stuck in the Gulf of Mexico stayed in the Gulf over night.  The passengers that were on board the ships were kept entertained and fed.  The passengers that were sitting in Galveston waiting for their ship to come in not only had to find a place to stay for the night but also had their cruise cut short by a day.

There have been several occasions when a cruise ship could not make port at a country because of inclement weather.  When this occurs Carnival refunds each passenger their port fees for that particular port.  If a port is missed and a passenger has had excursions that they purchased thru Carnival then those excursions are refunded.  No other compensation is given.  I personally do not think any other compensation should be given.  It was at no fault of the cruise line that the port had to be missed.  I have read so many complaints about passengers whose whole trip has been ruined due to missing a port and they feel they should be compensated for this.  It drives me crazy!

As a side note, if the reason a port cannot be made is due to Carnival then compensation is given.  I highly recommend that passengers read their contracts and customer rights on the Carnival website.

No more doom and gloom! Next week we will get back on the fun topics and keep building on the excitement of cruising!

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