D-Dive In Movies

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It’s Monday again.  Today we are waiting for 1600 lbs of flooring to arrive so we can begin the big install.  I feel like we are doing a major Spring clean and getting a whole new look and feel to the house at the same time.  Of course I wish it were Spring cause dang it’s been a bit chilly.

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “D.” Dive in movies that is.  In the Fun Times you will find a section about the happenings of the day.  Listed in the evening hours most days will be movies that you can view on the massive screen on the Lido located on deck 10.

There are usually two movies that play one right after the other.  Some nights only have an early movie because an event is scheduled on the Lido for later that night. Movie times begin at 7:00 p.m. or 7:30 p.m. with the second movie starting at  9:30 p.m or 10:00 p.m.  One night there is a midnight showing of usually an rated R movie.

At the Blue Iguana you will find boxes of freshly popped popcorn that is free.  Please note that this popcorn is unsalted so you will need to apply the salt at one of the tables before you go to your seat.

If you know that you will be wanting to watch a movie you might want to go early and get your lounge chair.  Chairs fill up quickly. Because this is a nighttime movie and we are sailing in December I suggest you dress warmly.  Scott and I found that at the towel station they sell Dive in Movie blankets.  They are blue, plush, and warm.  For the price of $23 a piece we found it worth it.  Of course we were at most of the last movies every night so the blankets got some use.  We will be bringing the blankets with us for this cruise.

One of my biggest pet peeves during a Dive in Movie are the people that are just walking around and stop to see what is happening in the movie and pay no attention to the fact that they have stopped right in front of people sitting in chairs watching it. Please do not be one of those people.  Find a chair or  walk behind all of the chairs so you don’t interfere in someones viewing.

For some reason I now want to stop working on the house and watch a movie…….

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