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I hope everyone had an amazing Christmas. Today I would like to wish Brendon a very happy 23rd birthday.  Hope the sun is shining bright in Hawaii on his special day.

I have decided that for the next 26 weeks we will be discussing cruise topics using the ABC’s.  If you are catching on then you realize today is being brought to you by the letter “A”. Normally in this family if you see the letter “A” it’s about grades being received in school (cause our kids are smart!) or Allen.  Neither are the case for this posting.  It’s all about animals…towel animals that is.

Carnival room stewards make a large array of animals using towels.  Each day your room is cleaned and the stewards leave an animal surprise.  If you want to keep your zoo collection all week and watch it grow all you have to do is let your room steward know the first day.  If you don’t then each day they will take the previous animal and turn it into something else.

On one sea day you can go to the Lido located on deck 10 and see hundreds of towel animals hanging out on lounge chairs and pool side.  It’s pretty cool to see all of the different creations they come up with.

Scott and I went to a towel folding class in the Ovation Theater where they taught us how to make a dog and an elephant out of the towels.  I must confess, Scott is way better at making towel animals than I am.  The key to making a successful animal is rolling it tightly, oh, and following directions.  Right after the class there was a show for all of the kiddos. The towel animals come to life as puppets and do a little song and dance.  It was cute.

Carnival does sell a book that teaches you step by step how to make towel animals.  You can get it at the Towel Hut on the Lido, order it thru the Fun Shops, or use an order form that is left in your cabin.  The cost of just the book is $14.95.  One day we might even buy one.

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  1. I did way better the first time we went to the class. This class was chaos and anarchy. The fun squad on the Breeze was kind of a let down in my opinion.

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