Pre-Cruise Goodies

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Welcome to December and another exciting and much anticipated cruising post.  As a side note, I would like to let everyone know that there will not be a blog posting next week.  Scott and I will be enjoying a week of relaxation and fun on board a Carnival cruise.

One thing Scott and I like to do before heading out on a cruise is to make a few pre-cruise purchases in the online store called the Fun Shops.  It’s as simple as going to

In the Fun Shops you will find a variety of items from drinks to food, clothing to souvenirs, and cabin decorations to cruise cash. We like to purchase a case of bottled water for $3.99 and have it delivered the 1st day of the cruise to our cabin.  As I posted earlier in the blog, I like to drink bottled water along with the free iced tea to help with the swelling of hands and feet.

The cruise we will be taking next week I went ahead and ordered some room decorations to celebrate our anniversary this month.  If you wanted to surprise your significant other with some decorations, bottle of champagne, or a cake you can order that online, pay in advance, and have it delivered on any of the days during the cruise.

One year as a birthday present to my Dad I had the gift of a collapsible cooler and Budweiser delivered to his cabin. There are a bunch of options for fun items for everyone.  I encourage you to check out the online Fun Shops and see if there is anything you would like to help enhance the fun of your cruise.

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