The Motion of the Ocean

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Yep, I am a few days behind on getting this week’s blog post up.  I do have a very valid excuse.  I have been playing with power tools.  While making some very lucky kiddos Christmas presents I have used a power sander, table saw, drill, and router. But that’s not something that interests everyone… but it should.  You visited this blog to get information and information you shall have.

Today we will talk about the dreaded motion sickness, sea sickness, or just plain old yuckiness.  This does not effect all passengers but if you are one of them here is some helpful advice.

First off, make sure your cabin is closer to the center of the ship.  You will experience less rocking that way.  Also, the farther down the ship the less you feel the motion.  Now I am not saying you won’t feel anything.  I mean let’s be serious, your on a boat in the ocean going 20 knots there is going to be motion.  How else are we going to get to all the awesome ports of call?

Upon doing research I have found that for people that get sick during normal car rides it is best to start the meds before the sickness has a chance to begin.  You can purchase SeaBands at your local pharmacy or Walmart.  These bands are worn on your wrist and should be put on either the night before the cruise or first thing the morning of.  The starting price is $7 a band.

Another option for people that are prone to motion sickness is a patch also called a Transderm patch.  This gets placed behind your ear and should be kept on for up to 72 hours. Apply this at least 4 hours before embarking on the ship. I did a quick search and found them on Amazon. They can get a little pricey  starting at $19.99 but really can you put a price on not throwing up?

If you feel very strongly that you will be getting sick and need serious medication then I suggest you see your doctor and get a prescription before heading out to Galveston. You can also get pills over the counter like Dramamine.

Ok you just say no to anything not natural being put on or in your body.  There are a few things you can eat to help.  Ginger snap cookies and apples.  While on our last cruise in October there were some hella bad waves.  The cruise director told us he hadn’t seen waves like that before and suggested the ginger and apples.  By the way, October is not a month Scott and I will be picking to cruise again if we can help it.  Oh the waves!

Another way to help avoid the sickness is when looking over the ship to check out the water and sea creatures, don’t look straight down.  Have a look out across the water.  it really does help.

I’m hoping beyond hope that nobody has a ruined cruise over motion sickness.  Fingers crossed!


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