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What a great weekend we had!  Today Scott took off to Colorado while the kitties and I hold down the fort.

I thought I would take this opportunity to talk about some very serious Do Nots.  While the cruise is about having a good time and enjoying your vacation your way there are still rules that must be followed.  Here are a few of the rules:

  • Do Not take food off the ship at the ports.  No food at all! There are plenty of signs that clearly state this as you are exiting the ship and headed out on your port adventures.  At some ports they have dogs that smell every bag and passenger leaving the ship.  It is against the law in these countries to bring food off the ship.
  • Do Not ignore your Sail and Sign account.  Carnival has made it super easy for you to keep track of your spending by having kiosks, a channel on the TV in the cabin, and also the Guest Services Desk.  Your account must be paid in full on the last day of the cruise.  Nobody is responsible for your spending but you so don’t go asking for help to pay your account because you over spent.
  • Do Not smuggle alcohol on board.  It will be confiscated and in some cases you will not be allowed to sail on Carnival again.
  • No Not smoke in your cabin or on your balcony.  Yes this includes electronic cigarettes. There are designated areas on the ship for smoking…go there.  If caught smoking in your cabin or on the balcony you get a mighty hefty fine!
  • Do Not bring your animals unless they are certified as service animals.  If you have a service animal there is paperwork that must be done prior to the cruise. Children do not count as animals no matter what their parents say 🙂
  • No weapons of any kind.
  • No drugs.
  • Do Not be a chair hog.  If you find a chair on deck then sit in it.  It is against the rules to put items on a chair to “save it” for later.  If you need to do that so you can go to the bathroom or get food that’s fine.  After 20 minutes your items will be removed from the chair and taken to lost and found.
  • Do Not be an elevator jerk even if other people are.  Let people off the elevator before you try to get on.  And please let scooter people on before you.  This is called common courtesy.
  • Stay off the railings! No going overboard.  If drinking makes you adventurous then by all means don’t drink.  We want fun times without bad consequences.
  • Do Not bring an iron or steamer, they are forbidden and will be confiscated.  Plus, ironing is lame because I said so not because I don’t know how.

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