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Happy Halloween! I hope everyone has a spooky good and safe night tonight.

I thought i might take some time to give you some helpful tips that I have learned over the last few years of cruising.Some you may already know  but hopefully not all.  If you have any additional helpful tips please make sure and let all of us know.

  1. Read your Fun Times!  The Fun Times has so much helpful information in it that everyone should be reading it every day.  Take a highlighter and mark all of the activities you would like to do along with the time and place.  There is a tear out section of the Fun Times that you can highlight and carry with you.
  2. Hang a shoe organizer on the towel rack.  Carnival no longer wants shoe organizers hanging from the doors but a towel rack works perfectly.  This is a great way to keep your hygiene items organized and off the sink area. We bought one from Dollar Tree for our cruise and still use it.
  3. If you hate when the shower curtain sticks to you then bring a binder clip. Clip it to the bottom of the shower curtain and it will weigh it down to keep it in place.
  4. Take a light sweater, coat or hoodie.  The dining room and entertainment areas are kept a little on the chilly side.  Plus it’s December when we will be taking the cruise and we will be on water….it gets a little breezy and chilled outside at night.
  5. Bring an extra plug in for outlets with USB ports.  There is only one outlet in the main area of the cabins so all of your electronics are fighting for that plug.  Power strips are not allowed per ship policy!
  6. Excited and can’t wit to see what is happening on the ship? Go to http://ships.carnivalentertainment.com/ and watch the live web cams on the ships.
  7. Tie something bright and colorful to your luggage.  It will make finding it easier when disembarking from the ship.
  8. If you want to use your cell phones on board as a clock and or camera but don’t want international roaming charges then put it in airplane mode.
  9. Clothespins – Bring a package of clothespins to hang wet swimsuits or clothes from the pull out cord in the shower.
  10. Take your robe or swim towel from your cabin to the Dive In Movie.  These will help keep you warm while outside enjoying the movies.
  11. A small nightlight or flashlight to help you see at night.  It gets a whole lot of dark in the cabins, especially if you are in an interior room.
  12. Drink bottled water! You will read varying opinions on this.  I know first hands and feet that drinking bottled water helps keep the swelling down. It can be caused by lack of movement, too much sun, dehydration, too much salt, too much alcohol and or coffee. Remember that alcohol and coffee are very dehydrating. Drink plenty of water and beverages such as cranberry juice, try to keep feet up when resting and take frequent walks around the deck.  Scott and I go online before our cruises and order a 12 pack of bottled water from the Carnival store for $3.99.  We have it delivered to our room the first day and drinking it all week.
  13. Bring an air freshener for the bathroom.  Sharing a room and bathroom can be uncomfortable if the air is polluted!
  14. Bring metal clips.  Important papers tend to get lost in the mix of clothes and bags.  Use metal clips with magnets on the back to hang items on the walls.  After all the ship is metal 🙂
  15. Water shoes are a must if you are going to any beaches.  The beaches are very rocky past the water line and we don’t want cut up feet or toes.
  16. Pop up laundry hamper placed in the closet is a great way to keep the dirty clothes out of the way.
  17. Bring an old gift card or credit card you no longer use.  This is will be helpful when wanting to use the safe and the lights.  In order to conserve on energy Carnival has a feature that you insert a card with a magnetic strip into the light switch to turn them on.  Do not use your Sail and Sign card for this because you will at some point lock it in your room and your lights will stay on.
  18. The absolute most important hint is to relax and don’t be in a hurry. There is a whole ship full of people wanting to go and do the same thing you are wanting to do.

Look at all of this stuff I know…lol. I sure hope you find this information helpful.

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