The Breeze By the Deck

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Hey Hey Hey…what do you say? You say,”Woohoo! It’s blog reading time!”

Today we will finish up with deck 12.  Oh my goodness we only have a few decks left to go. On deck 12 you will find the Water Works area.  This is the ship’s water park that is open from 10 am to 5 pm. Located in the Water Works area is:

  • A Splash Zone with fountains, water cannons that spray and splash pools of water
  • Drain Pipe is a tunnel slide
  • Power Drencher that has a tipping water buckets that hold 300 gallons of water. These tipping buckets splash down in intervals and drench the people below.
  • Two mini racing slides for kids
  • Twister Waterslide that is accessed on deck 15 and lands 312 ft to deck 12.

There are rules to using the Water Works area so you best pay attention.  You must be 42 inches tall.  Kids under 13 years of age need parents permission.  If you wear glasses like I do, please be aware that they need to be held on with head straps. Kids must be potty trained so that means no swim diapers.  No flotation devices can be used.  Your swimwear cannot have zippers, buckles, or rivets.  No jewelry or accessories allowed.  And finally, only one person on the slide at a time.  Now it sounds like a lot of rules and you are thinking, “hey people, it’s my vacation and I do what I want.” Stop with the attitude and just follow the rules. (I said that in my best motherly stern voice)

Cloud 9 fitness Center is located at the bow of the ship on deck 12.  The hours of operation are 6 am to 10 pm.  The gym area has free weights, treadmills, steppers, cycles, and more.  The use of the equipment is complimentary.  There is a fitness studio where classes are held.  Some classes are free and some have additional fees.  Please check your Fun Times or ask for assistance at the Fitness Desk.

The male and female locker rooms come with complimentary sauna, steam rooms, and showers.  Kids aged 12-17 years are allowed in the Fitness Center with an adult.

I have saved the best for last….Sea Dogs.  Open on sea days from 11 am to 4 pm is a hot dog stand called Sea Dogs.  The cart is actually hot dog shaped and is located in the relaxation area of the Sports Course.  You can get 1/4 pound hot dogs with limited toppings.  Yes Scott, these are the fancy hot dogs!

Next week is deck 14 because there isn’t a deck 13.  Suspicious much?

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