The Breeze By The Decks

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Happy Columbus Day all.  I hope you have had a great time during the last week.  As always, Scott & I had an awesome week in Texas.

I have realized that we have had 22 blog posts about the planned family cruise that is in a mire 432 days.  With such little time remaining….just kidding…let’s jump up to deck 12 and take a look.

Deck 12 also known as Spa & Sports Deck features sports, water fun, fitness and hot dogs.

A jogging/walking track circles around the Sports Court, a seating and bar area, and the Sports Square.  The track is padded so it has a softer cushion on your feet, knees, and joints.  Upon doing my research I have found that it takes either 7 or 8 laps to equal one mile.  I guess I am going to have to take a stepper with me in December to find out which it is.

The Sports Park Bar is a full service bar with seating area.  This way you can feel like you are getting your fitness on by having a drink and watching others sweat.  Please remember that the drinks at any of the bar areas on board are not free.  They will swipe your Sail and Sign card.

The Sports Square and Sports Court have games galore.  The outdoor deck games area has oversized chess and connect four boards, shuffle board, billiards, foosball and ping pong tables (Allen can show off his Forest Gump moves), and an outdoor workout equipment area. In the Sports Court you can play basketball, soccer, volleyball, and tennis. There are game competitions and tournaments during the cruise.

Looking above the Sports Square you will see 150 feet above sea level two circular rope courses.  The inner rope course is for beginners while the outer is for intermediate and above. The courses are approximately 230 feet in length.  You must be at least 48″ tall to go on the course.  Woohoo Matti & Kelsey! There are swinging steps and beams along with the ropes.  Each passenger is equipped with a harness that is attached to a track above them.

The only downside to deck 12 are the winds.  If it is a windy day then the rope course might not be open. We will continue on deck 12 next week with more fun and a lot more fitness.

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