The Breeze By The Decks

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Here I am in Colorado Springs enjoying time with family and friends.  My Mom no longer wanted to bond with me because it’s Monday and I “need to get my blog post done.” So as to not upset my loyal followers here is the Monday post.

Welcome back to deck 10 – The Lido. Located in the center of deck 10 is the Lido Marketplace.  Everything in the Marketplace is included at no extra charge. Here you will find 24 hours of self serve ice cream/frozen yogurt, iced tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and lemonade. There are several self serve areas around the Marketplace so if one is busy no worries, there is another station close by.

A buffet is available for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  There is always a large selection of food to choose from.  For breakfast you can go to the omelet station and have one made to order.  I will warn you this line gets very long and omelets take time to cook.  If you want this option I suggest going early or be ready for the wait.

There are cereals, fruits, pastries, eggs, sausage, bacon, eggs benedict, a variety of breads and bagels, coffee, tea, milk, juices, and oh so much more.  Please be warned, Kelsey, there are bacon police.  They hand out the bacon so people cannot take it all at one time.  You can choose to take your tray of edible deliciousness to your room, sit outside, or sit inside at the Marketplace.  One of our favorite things to do in the morning is to sit at a window seat eating our breakfast and watch the flying fish and sunrise.  That’s right flying fish! It’s amazing to watch the whole school fly across the water and see how far they can go.  Scott and I might be easily entertained.

Of course you do not have to get your breakfast from the Lido Marketplace.  You can have room service or eat in the main dining room off of a select menu.  Please remember to not wear your robe and slippers in the eating areas.  It’s freaking gross!

Lunch and dinner are also available at the Marketplace.  If you do decide to have the buffet for lunch or dinner make sure and check out the Mongolia Wok.  You can get freshly cooked or is it wok-ed Asian cuisine. There is usually a short line for the Wok but it moves quickly.  This is one of Scott’s favorite places.

When we first board the ship the Lido Marketplace will be open and have the lunch buffet all ready to go.  What we like to do after we drop off any of our carry on items in our room then head to the buffet.  We grab our yummy food and sit at the first available outside area.  The stern area where the Tides Pool is located is a good spot to find an open seat.  But we prefer to sit in the area where the welcome aboard party takes place.  I will post about the welcome aboard party at a later date.  Do you like how I always mention something but you have to get info at a later date?  Yep, it’s how I keep you coming back for more.

In an area called the Beach Pool, just outside the Lido marketplace, there are two competing bars.  The Blue Iguana and The Red Frog Rum Bar.  The bars have a variety of alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.  You can also purchase cool souvenir cups at these bars. There is a large pool, plenty of sun loungers, bar stools, and tables all around the bars and pool.  The staff walks around all day and night taking your drink orders and swiping you sail and sign cards. None of the beverages served at these bars is included in the price of the cruise, you must pay to drink.  Both bars have daily specials and also beers in a bucket.  Please note that a gratuity of 15% is added to each order….you’re welcome.

The Blue Iguana also has a burrito restaurant located on the Beach Pool area.  There is no additional charge for these burritos and they are delicious.  There is also a condiment area for the Blue Iguana with different salsas and fixings for your burritos.  I’m sure Michael is anxious to get his hands on some Mexican food.

Then of course the Beach Pool area is home to Guy’s Burger Joint.  The famed chef Guy Fieri has opened a burger place on Carnival Cruise Line.  You can get a variety of burgers and some fries at no additional fee. If you have any doubts on the yumminess of these burgers please feel free to ask DJ. Guy’s also has a condiment area where you can get your standard ketchup, mustard, and mayo.  There are also special sauces and plenty of extras to top your burger with.  As a helpful side note, please grab extra napkins!

We have finished with the highlights of The Lido and next week will venture on to deck 11. The excitement is building and we are getting oh so close to our cruise.  Ok not really but I’m just trying to keep the excitement level up.

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