The Breeze By The Decks

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Before I start this post I would like to give a shout out to my Dad….Happy Birthday! Now on to business.

It’s our final day on The Promenade, deck 5. There is so much to do on The Promenade that it quickly becomes one of the most visited decks on your cruise.

If you want to get away from the Lido on deck 10 where all of the music and partying is then head on down to the Lanai. The Lanai has seating both inside and outside for lounging.  Outside there is even covered areas perfect for those of us that burn easily in the sun..

On The Promenade you will also find Ocean Plaza. Ocean Plaza spans the ship’s beam.  In other words , it goes from one side (port) of the ship to the other (starboard).  It has outside and inside areas for lounging.  It even has table seating so you can enjoy beverages and yummy desserts from the cafe located in the Ocean Plaza. This area always has something going on.  Trivia, karaoke, dancing, and people watching keeps this area hoping. I like to go down to the cafe in the morning and grab the puzzle page.  It has several types of puzzles on the page such as crossword and Sudoku.

Inside Ocean Plaza is an area called The Taste Bar. The Taste Bar gives you just that, a taste of foods from various restaurants on the ship.  You can even stop by there on your way to dinner and get a quick one bit appetizer. Did I mention there is no charge for this?!

The Winner’s Luck Casino is located on deck 5.  There is a bar area, lounge chairs, and gaming.  You can try your luck at Black jack, Texas Hold’em, craps, roulette, and slots.  I do love me some gambling.  When you go to the casino make sure and setup your player’s club card in a slot machine before you begin playing.  You simply use your Sail and Sign card and follow the directions on the keypad.  You can use your Sail and Sign card as way of payment while playing or just use cash in the machine or on the table game. Not that I am lecturing any of you adults on gambling but I strongly advise you to not just pump the machines with your Sail and Sign card.  It’s really easy to spend a lot of money very quickly.  Use cash and be responsible.

Our last stop on The Promenade are the Fun Shops.  The Fun Shops is like a mini mall area where you can purchase souvenirs, jewelry, perfume, purses, and oh so much more.  The Fun Shops have several special sales they run throughout the cruise and will put information on them in your Fun Times.  Several family members will find that Christmas and birthday presents were purchased in the Fun Shops… are welcome and yes we got them on sale.  One Fun Shop that is quite simply, fun, is the Cherry On Top. There are all kinds of candies, cookies, and kid friendly items in there.  Watch your kids use of their Sail and Sign cards in that store if you give them buying privileges.

The Promenade is also home to several hot tubs.  These areas tend to fill up quickly.  My parents found that on port days while everyone else has ventured off the ship it is much easier to find a hot tub.

Next week we will be jumping all the way up to deck 10, Lido.

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