The Breeze By the Decks

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We’re moving on up to the fourth floor.  I would appreciate it if when reading that first sentence you sang it in your head to The Jefferson’s theme song.  I know I did when I typed it.

Last week we talked about about the third floor which included the Blush & Sapphire dining rooms and the Ovation Theater.  On the fourth floor, called the Mezzanine, you will find the upper levels to these places.  There are a lot of fantastic places to visit on the fourth floor.  This floor is a kids dream!  You will find the Warehouse Video Arcade, Club O2, Circle C, the Funhub, Thrill Theater, and Pixels Photo Gallery.

I have done a previous post about Pixels Photo Gallery so please go ahead and check that out if you haven’t already.  By the way, shame on you for not having read it already.

Thrill Theater is only available on the Carnival Breeze and Carnival Vista! Thrill Theater is a 3D projection thrill short feature movie and ride combined.  The Thrill Theater seats 24 people and shows two features per ride lasting 15-20 minutes in length.  You will wear 3D glasses to watch the shows. The seats in the theater shift back and forth, move from side to side, and vibrate.  As an added feature there are special effects during the showing.  If you don’t want to know what all of the surprise special effects are then please stop here and move to the next section.  The special effects include squirting water, air puffs on your neck, bubbles, leg tickles, and pokes in your seat.

The Thrill Theater is not a free or included amenity.  If you would like to go to just one showing it is $5.50.  They do have an “All you Can Thrill” option which gives you unlimited attractions throughout the cruise.  The pricing is:

$12.95 for Adults

$9.95 for Children (12 years old and younger)

$9.95 for Seniors (66 years and older)

Another feature that the Thrill Theater has is for guests 17 years or older called Thrillogy-Dare to be Scared!  This feature is an additional $2.00 on top of the above pricing.  This is a feature that is shown late at night and is supposed to be scary with added surprise elements for what they call a “Thrillifying Time.”

As a side note, if you have health concerns it is advised that you do not take part in the Thrill Theater attraction. Such concerns would be neck and back injuries.

The Funhub…is a seating area with computers that can be used.  It’s like an internet cafe. There are different internet options available for purchase.  In another post I will be discussing the internet options and the costs.  Currently DJ and I have downloaded the Carnival Hub ap on our phones.  This application has a countdown to how many days, hours, minutes, and seconds until our cruise sets sail. Not how long before we board the ship but when it is scheduled to leave port.

Next week I will continue our tour of the fourth deck.  This will be all about the kid clubs.  So Hayden, Zach & Ryleigh make sure and read next week’s posting.

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