The Breeze By The Decks

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Today we talk about Deck 3.  We all need to get familiar with deck 3 because three major places are located here.  The dining rooms, lobby, and show theater.  Obviously the dining rooms are for eating, which we all like to do, the lobby is where you will find guest services, excursions desk, and the lobby bar, and the show theater has the live shows and bingo!

Let’s start with the dining rooms.  There are 2 main dining rooms, The Blush and The Sapphire. The Blush is located on the rear or stern of the ship while the Sapphire is located on the forward or bow of the ship. Each guest is assigned a dining room during the check in process and it is printed on your Sail and Sign card.

There are 3 dining options 6:00, 8:00, and your time dining.  To simplify the process of booking the cruise I selected 6:00 pm dining for everyone and linked our accounts so we will be seated either at the same table or tables close together.  I figured there was a good chance that dinner would be a time we can all see each other at the same time.  If you choose you may change your dining time by calling our PVP George prior to the cruise.  Obviously 8:00 pm option means you eat at 8:00 pm.  Your time dining is a fairly new option that is quite popular.  It allows you to not have a designated time to eat and a different table every night.  It’s like going to a restaurant at the times the dining room is open and asking the hostess for a table.  The positive is you can eat when you want between 6:00 and 9:00 pm. I find the negative to be that your table is always changing.  Scott & I like having the same table and same staff every night.  It gives us a chance to get to know the staff and in return they get to know us.  The other downside is you will have to wait until a table is available.  There is no guarantee that when you are ready to eat a table will be waiting.

Here’s a few tid bits about the dining room:

  • When the lights dim it means that a show given by the waitstaff is about to begin.
  • Children menus are available and adults can order off them as well. This includes the banana split…yummy.
  • Eat all you want it’s included.  There is one exception to this and that is the new section on the menu titles Steakhouse Selections.  You may order items usually only available at the Steakhouse for an additional charge.
  • You want three main dishes well then you go right ahead and order all three.  No worries, we aren’t judging.
  • A lot of guests don’t know but you can eat breakfast in the MDR (main dining room). If you aren’t much for buffets or room service and just want to sit and be waited on, head on over to the MDR.
  • There is a dress code for the MDR.  No ballcaps, no swimsuits, and no robes (please keep your robes out of the eating areas on the ship.  It grosses me out).

The lobby area has a bar and sitting area.  There are also activities that take place there and entertainment.  Please read your Fun Times to find out what is going on there.  You will also find Guest Services.  If you need to go to Guest Services please make note of the two lines that are available.  We have purchased Faster to the Fun (FTTF) so there is a speedy line that we get to use along with Diamond & Platinum guests.  Scott & I love the nasty looks we get when we just hop on up to the front.  HAHAHAHA.

You will also find the Shore Excursion desk.  I will be doing some posts about the excursions at the various ports.  If you do not book excursions in advance of the cruise you can go to the Excursions Desk and book them while on board.  I would like to let everyone know that while this is a group cruise, you are in no way obligated to do the same excursions as anyone else in our group.  For that matter you are not obligated to do an excursion at all.

Finally on deck 3 you will find the lower level of the Ovation Theater.  This is where the dancers and singers perform their live shows, bingo gets played, and oh so much more.  Again, please read your Fun Times to see what will be taking place each day in the Ovation Theater.  As a side note, the theater is always kept cool.  Ok, it’s cold in there!  I always take a light sweater to wear in there.

Oh my goodness, I forgot to mention one more thing about the lobby area.  This is where the large Christmas tree is placed along with Santa!  On the last December cruise we took they even gave us jingle bells when meeting Santa.  You can ask Junior all about it.  He might or might not be forced to wear them during the holiday 🙂


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