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By the volume of pictures I see of this family posted on the various social media sites, I would say this is a good topic.

Carnival has a whole staff dedicated to taking pictures.  There is hardly a place on or off the ship where you won’t see a Carnival Pixel staff member snapping away. Some people love the cameras while others avoid them as much as possible (this would be my man).

Let’s set the scene… are laughing it up with your family pool side and a Carnival Pixels member asks if they can take a picture.  Sure you say so the family gets the best goofy faces on and click a precious family moment has be created on film.  Now what? How the heck do you get to see that picture? What if you want it? So many questions and look at me with the answers!

Everyday Carnival prints out all of the pictures that were taken.  On deck 4 there is a rather large area set up called The Pixels Gallery.  Simply go to deck 4 search thru the 100’s of pictures on the wall.  It’s actually not as overwhelming as you may be thinking right now. Carnival has the pictures sorted by event. So if you are assigned to the Blush dining room at 6:00 pm then any photos that were taken during that time are in an area labeled as such.  If you find a picture you would like to purchase grab it off the wall and take it to the register.  The nice Pixel staff member will take your Sail and Sign card, swipe it to charge you, put your picture in a bag, and off you go.

Now let’s say you find a picture and oh my goodness this picture should not be seen by anyone let alone purchased.  Take that sucker off the wall and place it into the photo container that is clearly labeled for photos not wanted.

Holy moly what is that?! Well that is the Photo of the Day area.  If your photo is located in that area you get it for free!  These are randomly selected photos that are updated daily.  Even if you don’t have any intentions of purchasing photos you should go up to the gallery daily to see if you get a free one.

The Pixels Gallery has a punch card that is used when purchasing.  For every photo purchased you get a punch on the card. At certain levels you get a free item such as a Carnival luggage tag, a Carnival tumbler, and there is even a USB in the shape of a Carnival ship.

Prices: This is the pricing as of today. If I see any changes in the prices I will make sure and update this post.

Original Prints

  • Fun Shots (5×7): $11.99 each
  • Cruise Collectibles (6×9): $14.99 each these include embarkation, dining, and gangway photos
  • Pro Portraits (8×10): $21.99 each

Reprint Value Sheet: $9.99 per image (sheet)
*There is a disclaimer that the photos must be purchased in their original size before reproductions can be ordered. Offer not available for groups of 6 or more.

  • 2 – 5×7 prints
  • 1 – 6×9 print
  • 1 – 8×10 print
  • 1 – 5×7 + 4 wallet size prints
  • 1 CD

Canvas Wall Art: When Scott and Gina sailed on the Carnival Magic we had one of our photos turned into a canvas.  We then took our canvas to Michael’s (the store not my brother) and had it professional framed.  It turned out beautiful and are very happy with the quality.

  • 16″ x 20″ – $59.95 each
  • 20″ x 30″ – $79.95 each

There are special pictures that are taken on elegant nights but I will get into that when I post about what an elegant night is.

The last special photo opportunity that I would like to tell you about is the Dream Studio.  Scott and I have not tried this yet but are thinking about it when we set sail in December (140 days).  The Dream Studio has a photographer that sets up various photo shoots either around the ship or at a port of call.  The photographer will then take all of the pictures and edit them down into a unique storybook.  There is absolutely no obligation to buy and no sitting fee. But after seeing some of the storybooks they have had on display there is no doubt that purchases will be made.  The packages are tailored to each guest and what they want so I can not give you pricing.  If we decide to do this in December I will update the post with pricing.

So get your best cheesy smile on and get ready for some picture taking fun!

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