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The most important item for the cruise is delivered to your cabin every evening.  This is a newspaper called the Fun Times. In the Fun Times you will read about all of the happenings going on and any special information Carnival would like you to know for the day. Each Fun Times vary on the information given but I have listed a few items you might find each day.

The front page of the Fun times more than likely will have the following information:

  • The date which includes the day of the week (example: Sunday, December 17, 2017).  You will find this helpful as the week progresses because it’s easy to lose track of what day it is.
  • The times for sunrise and sunset are listed.  If you wanted to see the sunset or sunrise on the ocean you will now know what time to be out on the open deck.  This makes for great picture times.
  • There will be a spot that will tell you if it is a Sea Day or a Port Day.  If it is a Port Day the name of the port will be on there.
  • There is also a section on the front that reminds you what ship you are on along with the names of some team members and their title assigned to the ship (example: Captain Giovanni Cutugno who is the Captain of the Carnival Magic).
  • There is a Safety Message with a safety item you should be aware of.
  • A Special Message is listed on the bottom of the Fun Times.  It might be a reminder of an event being held that day or what channel on the TV you can watch the Morning Show with the Cruise Director.

Inside the Fun Times will be sections with the following information with times and locations:

  • The Top 10 events to not miss that day
  • Casino action that is happening
  • Activities, games, and more for youths that day
  • Listings of shows including comedy and production
  • Spa events happening
  • Drink Specials
  • What is going on in the Fun Shops

On the back of the Fun Times will be an Information section:

  • Lists of times certain areas of the ship are open and where they are located
  • What movies are showing
  • Dress attire for the dining room
  • Entertainment you can find on your TV
  • List of smoking areas

This is just a small list of information you can find in your Fun Times. Because there is far more information than a normal person can retain Carnival has a condensed portion of the Fun Times that is perforated and can be torn off.  Scott and I like to read thru the Fun Times before bed while hanging out on the balcony in our cabin.  We take a highlighter and highlight on the tear away section anything we might like to do the next day.  We then separate it from the Fun Times, fold it, and stick it in our lanyard to carry around with us the next day.

I highly recommend you read your Fun Times from front to back every night or first thing in the morning.  There is so much important information that each of us should be aware of.  And honestly, with as many activities that go on there is no way to keep it all straight without a little help from the Fun Times.


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