The Breeze

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And the days keep on cruising by….I hope you have all received your countdowns (except for The Peebles Clan cause the post office is mean) and are fully in sync with 523 days to go.

Today lets talk about the Carnival Breeze.  The ship we will call home for 7 days.  Where great times will be had.  Where lifelong memories will be made.  Look at me with all of these glorious thoughts of our cruising future.

The Breeze is one of three ships that are part of the dream class for Carnival. The dream class ships are the second largest ships in the fleet, second only to the new Carnival Vista. It was built in 2012 with a gross tonnage of 130,000. Finally something that weighs way more than me…lol. It’s 1004 feet in length. The guest capacity is 3690 while the crew consists of 1386 people.  For the people that went on the 1st family cruise on board the Triumph here is the comparison. The Triumph has a guest capacity of 2754 and only 893 feet in length.

The Breeze has 15 decks counting deck zero and the absence of deck 13.  Yep, just like a lot of hotels the 13th floor is omitted. The only time guests are allowed on deck zero is to get off the ship at the various ports.  I will get into more detail about that in another blog.

One of the best kept secrets about the Breeze are the secluded areas.  In the front or forward of the ship on decks 6 & 7 accessed through unlocked doors are the secluded areas.  These areas take you to the farthest forward of the ship.  Great picture opportunities during sunrise and sunset. This is where yelling “I’m the king of the world” would be appropriate.

If you want a place to lounge away from the party area on the Lido deck, head on over to deck 5.  On this deck you will find the Lania.  It is still close to food and hot tubs but just a little quieter.

There are 19 places to eat not including room service, 10 bars for your drinking pleasure, and lounge chairs galore to eat your food and drink your drinks. There is a casino, spa, adult retreat, gym, pools, hot tubs, kid areas and oh so much more! You want shopping then guess what, you get shopping. It truly is a floating resort.


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