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Happy 4th of July (and Junior’s 3rd birthday)!

I would like to start today’s post with my disclaimer.  I think it is necessary to let everyone know that I am here to help, inform you on items you may not know about, and add some excitement to our 500 + days of waiting.  I am not a cruise expert or a Carnival employee. Scott and I simply enjoy cruising and have gained some pretty good knowledge about it. I cannot be responsible for everyone’s schedule once on the ship.  That means you need to keep track of when dinner is or an activity that you would like to do.  Scott purchased an inexpensive $10 watch that he calls his “cruising watch.”  He only wears it on cruises because we choose to turn our phones off and not get charged for international roaming.  This may be a good idea for some of you as well.  So, soak up some fine cruising tips and gear up for a fun filled vacation!

Now on to today’s main topic: Gift Cards, Bar Cash & Cruise Cash.

Gift Cards

There are several local stores that you can purchase Carnival gift cards from.  Here is a list of some: Kroger, Giant Eagle, Hyvee, Price Chopper, Safeway, Meijer, Albertsons, Lowes, Winn Dixie , Office Max, and Publix. We get all of ours from Lowes.

These gift cards start at $25 and go all the way up to $500.  With the gift cards you can use them for paying toward the balance of your cruise, setting up your Sail and Sign account, or adding it to your on board account after you have set it up.  Gift cards can be used for any purchase with Carnival.  The advantage to buying gift cards in advance of your cruise is you can collect them and can’t spend them on anything else. So if you have a hard time budgeting or you steal the money from your cruising set aside fund during the year for other purchases, the gift cards are like money in the cruising bank. Gift cards also make great presents for birthdays, holidays, and just cause days. These gift cards do not have an expiration date.

Bar Cash

Another product that Carnival offers is Bar Cash.  It can be purchased directly from http://www.carnival.com in increments of $25 up to $100. Cruise Bar Cash gives you an immediate credit to a your Sail and Sign account which can be applied toward any bar purchases.  This credit is good for any bar charge made including alcoholic drinks, juice, soda,  bottled water, and coffee shop charges.  This is the important part: “Cruise Cash Bar is valid for a single voyage and cannot be transferred to future bookings.  Cruise Cash Bar is non-refundable and any unused credits will be forfeited.” So if you have $100 in Bar Cash you need to spend all $100.  This is also a wonderful present for the drinkers in your life.

Cruise Cash is Carnival’s way of having letting you basically put money on your account ahead of time and it being used for all purchases on board the ship. It is purchased from http://www.carnival.com website in increments of $25 up to $100. If you want to start building up your spending money and putting it just toward the Bar Cash isn’t for you, then Cruise Cash is the way to go.


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