What Just Happened?

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Yep it’s been a whirlwind of texts, phone calls, and emails over the last 24 hours. Today the big jump was made and the deposits were put down.  So now all the questions are racing thru your head.  Let me help you out with a few answers.

The deposits today secured your cabin and your account with Carnival.  The prices are around what I quoted previously so that makes me happy.  Over the next year and a half I will go on every day to check the fare prices.  If and when the prices lower I will let everyone know and we will submit price protection forms.  These forms will do one of two things: 1) lower the amount owed on the cruise if you still have a balance due or 2) give you on board credit if your cruise is paid in full.

There will be several specials that will be going on this year including military rates.  If these rates lower our balances we will take them!

Now why did I have you call and spend $59.95 for Faster to the Fun?  Quite simply it’s because we get to the fun faster! We will be among the first to board the ship on day one.  Our rooms and luggage will be ready first as well.  All except for Scott because his luggage always gets there well after mine does 🙂

There is also a special line set up for Faster to the Fun guests at the customer service area so you don’t have to wait in line.  We find this very helpful when needing to go over our Sail and Sign account.

On the final day we will be among the first to debark.  This will be helpful to get through customs and to our cars.  We know some of you will be needing to get to the airport so the earlier you can get off the ship the better to catch your flights.

Please when you talk with George make sure he has your email address and mailing address. Also, go online to http://www.carnival.com and set up your online account.  Once you have an account click on manage, then my booking, then add booking. You will add your booking information and now be ready to keep track of your payments.

If anyone has any questions or needs help navigating the Carnival site just call me.  I’m on it all the time!

Let the excitement begin….by the way it’s only 536 days away!


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